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August 18, 2022
ABOUT Steam Mobile App

Beta testing group for the updated Steam Mobile App

Welcome! We've rebuilt the Steam Mobile App and we'd like your feedback.

In addition to the store, Steam Guard, and trade confirmations, the app now comes with QR code sign in, smarter notifications, an improved Library view, and multi account support.

For the best experience, you'll want to download the beta mobile app and also join the Steam Client Beta. This will allow you to try signing in to the Steam Client by scanning a QR code.

Open this link on your Android device:

The Google Play store will offer you a link to join the beta and download the updated app.

Open this link on your iOS device:

You'll be prompted to install Apple's own TestFlight app. Once TestFlight is installed, it will automatically install the updated Steam Mobile App.

Please note: per Apple guidelines, iOS beta participants will be limited to 10,000 and those slots will fill up quickly. We'll add more slots as the beta progresses, so check back if slots are full.

Steam Client Beta
If you want to try signing into the Steam Client by scanning a QR code with your new mobile app, you'll need to opt in to the Steam Client Beta. To sign in to Steam in a browser, just click the "Show me a QR code" link.

Please post your feedback in the discussions
We're still adding features, fixing bugs, and polishing the app. It's helpful to hear what you're excited about, what could be improved, and what needs fixing.

Everyone is welcome to join the group and the conversation, even if you're not able to participate in the beta. We want to hear from you.

When leaving feedback, it's important that you tell us what device and OS you're using. So please include that in your comment.
The app is now available to everyone
Another release candidate app update
  • Added support for hiding notifications by swiping them. Note: This feature will only be partially functional until a backend update tomorrow.
  • Added a note about security to the Steam Guard code page in situations where we don't think you should need to use a code
  • Added better deeplinking integration to the Steam Chat app. Note: On Android, this feature will not fully work until our forthcoming Steam Chat update.
  • Added visual badging to main menu items that want attention
  • Improved visual badging of main menu and bottom tab bar icons
  • Fixed Steam Guard code page's account selector not showing all account like the QR scanner page
  • Improved error information and UI for errors encountered while adding or moving a mobile authenticator
  • Fixed case where we could still send you push notifications after logging out of that app
  • Fixed crash that could happen when viewing an empty library
  • Fixed UI elements being pushed off the bottom of the screen on larger screens
  • Fixed back button sometimes not doing the right thing after changing your home screen
  • Fixed some external payment providers not working properly
  • Fixed certain languages not always appearing correctly in the app

Thanks again for taking the time to test!

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