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tf2 washup playing melee formerly skeetbag
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if i removed u it not personal feel free to readd
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david sex is always right

11:19 fluffycattf2: youmps is mad.. shutdowning his pc as we speak

my smg revived dat

he call me skeetbag

tf2 comp

Team Offense Dolphins Steel HL [DEMO]
Shark Boys Iron HL (3rd Place) [DEMO, usually]

Gay and 6/5 Steel 6s [DEMO]
Crit Happens Steel 6s [DEMO]
Watch Your 6 Iron 6s [DEMO]
Wewlad Silver 6s [DEMO]
Crispy M&Ms Are Back Silver 6s [DEMO]

Shark Boyz Steel 4s (we got suspended xdddd) [DEMO, usually]
Infant Yeezy 350 Boost 4s (suspended) [Drag Racer]

Pass Time
Wing Party [DEMO]

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how to slaughter a pig
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F4 Noobas in Tagg Video

crispy m&ms r back


sideshow deleting the 191 bisons i donated to tagg at ToTH [] pt.2 [] pt.3 [] pt.4

fire mixtape []

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pig boys
but how do i badlands rollout on sunshine



s/o dwaggy


Dooter is Scunt Asley: skeetbag you autistic fuckin narc loving gatorade drinking mousepad fucking waterbottle hugging sockfuck

Artsy Snartsy: Oh shit I forgot bag annoys me n/m

rm4m//Dwaggy: Just tell him I just don't like people who fanboy me to the point of kissing my ass. I rather have a friend than a fanboy to talk to and have sensible conversation instead of destructive gossip
rm4m//Dwaggy: I have more important things to do than worry about everything that happens to my friends

razerbagz: dude we're about to brofist this guy

9:30 PM - bag: ewlk..
9:30 PM - bag: mge me.. pls
9:30 PM - -Elk-: no
9:30 PM - bag: pls..
9:30 PM - -Elk-: dwaggy told me to staya way from you

4:19 PM - {DAT} podgy713#1818: He's a fag

"I'm gonna get a tranquilizer gun, shoot one of these ducks, bring it up here and throw it down this slide just so I can watch it's body flail." -Josh

9:21 PM - bag lfp hl: im en route
9:21 PM - sabado: i dont speak mexican

8:01 PM - froggblogg: watch muslks new vid sombra confirmed?

5:58 AM - skeetbag: u know
5:58 AM - skeetbag: at 6 am
5:58 AM - skeetbag: you really start to appreciate how great of a ms verns u arae
6:01 AM - Reapers - ϟ♥Dogma21™♥ϟ: :o
6:01 AM - skeetbag: u r ms verns right
6:01 AM - Reapers - ϟ♥Dogma21™♥ϟ: yep ^w^
6:02 AM - skeetbag: prove it
6:02 AM - Reapers - ϟ♥Dogma21™♥ϟ: You got a A+ :3
6:02 AM - Reapers - ϟ♥Dogma21™♥ϟ: In my class
6:03 AM - skeetbag: damn ur right

7:11 PM - bag lfp hl: dude say hi to my profile

Shia (Very Smoothly): Dude, what if you were a nazi, and you like, woke up in Israel.

a burrito cat :3 #teamPYRO : i call hax on the sniper
a burrito cat :3 #teamPYRO : this is why valve fucked haks are everwere
a burrito cat :3 #teamPYRO : we give up

-12 AM-
Alex joins discord channel
Me: Hello?
Alex: skeetbag, like, what if the ted cruz is the zodiac killer meme was made up by the zodiac killer because the police were on to him?
Alex leaves channel

9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: yo fam im new!!!!!!11111
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: u lfp?
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: i have pepee!!!!!!!!11111
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: garfunkle u fat fucking 3 layered anushole
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: you fat fat obese bastard
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: you creepy fuck
9:44 PM - skeetbag lfp hl: wtf are you on about
9:44 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: get me lasagna
9:45 PM - Dooter is Scunt Astley: i scrach up the tux

bensplosion: Skeetbag is dead long live skeetbag

6:41 PM - cannibal: stick that pink twinkle banana up my ass

12:27 AM - is bob ross dead: i love 9 yo
12:27 AM - is bob ross dead: theyre almost
12:27 AM - is bob ross dead: 8

2:56 PM - neatoburrito ♥: hello
2:57 PM - bag: Tell dwaggy accept me on steam!!!
2:57 PM - neatoburrito ♥ is now Offline.

10:15 PM - shoenice again?: gay
10:15 PM - shoenice again?: like you
10:15 PM - skeetbag: at least im turned on by it when you suck my dick
10:16 PM - shoenice again?: wtf is your deal

Dreamhack Austin Smash 2017 Grand Finals
5:10 PM - two: wait holy shit he won game 1
5:10 PM - bag: yeah
5:10 PM - two: dude lets go chu tbh
5:10 PM - bag: WOBNLE
5:10 PM - two: WUGGKE'
5:10 PM - two: WUGGLE
5:10 PM - bag: AAAAAAAA
5:10 PM - two: A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A
5:11 PM - two: ITS HAPPENING

"In actual fact I do not trade at all I just enjoy what I got and have a good time we are all only on planet for such a short time dude" - Darth Chicken Gaming, 2016

4:26 PM - bag: yo
4:26 PM - bag: come mge me?
4:26 PM - mop man: nty
4:26 PM - bag: aiight
4:26 PM - mop man: went to dentist feel funE

5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: fuck i am not in shape to talk
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: or do anything
5:26 PM - bag: u fucking good lol
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: legit man
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: i ate nothing today
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: got home
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: and took some shots
5:26 PM - extremely drunk rn: i fuckin cried
5:27 PM - extremely drunk rn: to the spogebo bmovie
5:27 PM - bag: eat u ufcking retarrd
5:27 PM - bag: also say hji to profike
5:27 PM - extremely drunk rn: no u eat retards
5:27 PM - extremely drunk rn: o no
5:27 PM - extremely drunk rn: IS UR PROFILE PICTUREE
5:27 PM - extremely drunk rn: CARK AZUZ
5:28 PM - bag: yes
5:28 PM - bag: lol
5:28 PM - extremely drunk rn: CARL
5:28 PM - bag: has been for months dude
5:28 PM - extremely drunk rn: FUCK YEAH IKNEW IT

the mustardly bastard: now u know how i bcame a christian
skeetbag: im muhammad
skeetbag: i hate u
the mustardly bastard: really
skeetbag: no
the mustardly bastard: ok cause for a sec i was liek
the mustardly bastard: ALLLAHU ACKUR

Shia: Dude, your whole team was there and I was roleplaying as a russian gamer

✔6 | skeetbag: hey homeless want a secret
homeless: ya
✔6 | skeetbag: youre gay
✔6 | skeetbag: :B1:
homeless: no im not
homeless: u homophobic piece of shit
homeless: using gay as a insult
homeless: do u even know how much of a fag u are?

7:42 PM - smokee - one tiem i jerk off and den 10 days later i peel back me foreskin and it swish cheese
7:42 PM - smokee - alalalalalala

2:40 AM - nightcore dam dadi do: yo
2:40 AM - bag: suh
2:41 AM - nightcore dam dadi do: when black haired chubby bearded guy from dudeperfect hit an epic longshot frisbee backflip between the legs dinger and high five the camera
2:41 AM - nightcore dam dadi do: i just
2:41 AM - nightcore dam dadi do: i wish he could see my high five back
2:41 AM - bag: LMFAO
kennyshrooms Aug 2 @ 10:27am 
what a stream superstar
added for some trade
shia May 29 @ 9:36am 
bag you ♥♥♥♥ing suck my♥♥♥♥♥♥
lucas May 28 @ 11:57am 
♥♥♥♥♥ boy
dooter May 21 @ 2:49pm 
dont want war
shia May 12 @ 6:09pm