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I'm a guy who delivers TF2, Dota 2, CS:GO, Rocket League, & LoL update news.
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The Basic Reading Test:
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If I don't explicitly say a thing of mine is for sale, it's NOT FOR SALE. You're just wasting your time by ignoring this and adding me or leaving a comment on my profile anyways. If I snap because you failed on this part, it's not my fault. It's yours.

Don't under any circumstance bother me on Steam for matters involving /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade and/or SteamRep (unless you're an Actually Important Person, but I'll likely recognize you as such). Please see https://redd.it/4vkr7s for a list of the most common things we're asked and their respective avenues to get your issue solved. No, this also means I'm unwilling to middleman for you.

PLEASE NOTE that it is a farce to try and message me if my status is set to any of these:

- Away
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- Snooze
- Offline

Last updated: March 4, 2018
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i2k67 Aug 7 @ 4:44pm 
need a middleman i from steamrep
Hoody<3 Jul 31 @ 11:16pm 
reddit :) if you have the time that is if not i understand
Hoody<3 Jul 31 @ 8:51pm 
added to ask a question
meraly BitSkins.com Jul 30 @ 6:10pm 
added u, cuz I have very interesting info about bitskins
hiyacando cs.money Jul 24 @ 7:01am 
hey i found an important bug in steam. theres possiblity to bypass 7d tradeban for every item on steam.
๖Rev Jun 24 @ 6:02pm 
If I ever become a real-life cyborg, I want you to be the guy who writes the patch notes every time I get updated, just saying