Rayan Khadir   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
:gordon: Welcome to my steam pfp :p2aperture:
Comment here why you'll add me first, if is those thing like trade/scam-related I'll just simply block you.
I'm a disabled genderfluid guy who's a big fan of Retro 90s, FPS games (mainly Half-Life, Doom, Wolfenstein etc.), horror such as Resident-Evil, Silent Hill and other that most of my favorite franchise all time is SEGA games and Half-Life of course.
I'm not only just a gamer but also a gamedev make games and thing like that, I enjoy dabbing in Level design & mapping, doing art (sometime) etc.
:p2aperture: Most of my first games were Half-Life and House Of The Dead back in the days, my first console played it was a sega genesis with the first actual sonic game (yes that one!), after that when HL2/TF2 came out I got my copy Xbox 360 of the Orange box and got a new pc to play games that I love, which I''ll never forget it! Also I'm bilingual I speak baguette btw. :p2aperture:
Working on a secret project for source
and art is SickJoe.
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