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This game was released in 2007 and was one of the best games ever made and still is one of the best. Playing Thrillville after 9 years gave me the same feeling of when I first played it. It's a very fun, achieving, and the best tycoon game ever made. You build your own rides, customize your own park, interact with others and in the end make tons of cash.

Being a park manager with Thrillvile however brings big responsibilities: people trying to sabatage your park, rides breaking down, hiring new staff, firing staff sabataging your business, marketing campaigns and more.

Throughout thrillville there is always sometimes to do, wether it be building new rides, training new workers, installing new rides, stalls, games or even having fun on those stalls, rides, or games. There is a big buisness side to this game along with fun mixed in with it.

I highly recommend this game as the nostalgia for me is very real and the content inside the game for a 1.5GB game is amazing and phoenominal. Not to mention I bought this game for $2. WORTH IT.
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