"I walk into a bar and say "Hey baby, i make levels on hammer" and i never go home alone" -Earkham

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Former Zombie Panic Source developer and current No More Room in Hell developer. I also made Source MultiTool and write tutorials.
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A guide that shows you how to setup a single player mod on the Source Engine SDK 2013 branch.
Hey if you are looking at my profile that most likely means you are wanting to add me to ask some questions about something Source Engine related. Unfortunately due to time constraints I can't really set aside the time right now to help people one on one.

As of right now I'm hoping to use the time I would normally spend helping people one on one to instead write out new tutorials and finish up SMT and some other coding projects.

If you need help the best places to ask are the forums here on steam http://steamcommunity.com/app/211/discussions/0/

I still take time to read through all the posts there and there are others who are monitoring them as well to answer questions so you should probably get a response in 24 hours.

We have setup a Discord group chat if you want to ask any questions and hang out with other Source developers. http://discord.gg/SourceEngine
DrVrej Sep 19 @ 12:42pm 
Hello, I will include a link to the store page, but just to let you know I have received permission for the models. One of the main developers can even be seen commenting on my workshop page about it when this item was released many years ago. I am guessing you are new member of the team. I just wanted to clarify that these models aren't taken without permission.
Eco Jun 19 @ 11:36am 
ima big fan fam
ratfucks Apr 28 @ 11:04am 
Thank you so much for youre time, best of luck to you in your endeavours.
ratfucks Apr 27 @ 9:55pm 
Hey man, i read your profile bio and I understand youre cut on time, but if possible id like to add you to quickly discuss something with you. Id just like to know if you have a collection of resources on which you learned you knowledge from. You respond on my Source SDK Discussions a lot so I figured youre educated pretty well in this field.
Adalric Cessius Brandl Apr 25 @ 9:49am 
can you help me with the hammer
Espinete87 Mar 17 @ 12:41am 
Thank you for all your answers, your help, and your usefull explanations man. You are good guy, you deserve to be famous and live of this ;) i wish you the best Wazanator