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Favorite Musical Artist/Composers: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, Jeff Williams, Anarchestra, Miracle Of Sound, Daft Punk, The Glitch Mob, Linkin Park, Ken Ashcorp, Kelly Bailey.

Favorite Video Game Genres: Real-Time Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Tower Defense, First-Person Shooter, Survival, Sandbox.

Favorite Game Franchises/Series: Half-Life, Endless Universe, Quake, Deus Ex, XCOM (Both the classics and the reboot), System Shock, Homeworld, Risk Of Rain.

Other Favorite Media/Whatever Franchises: Warhammer 40,000, Bionicle, Star Wars, and Star Trek.
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As of writing this review this is the first and only game by David Szymanski that I've played so far.

Iron Lung is an atmospheric horror game where the player navigates a tiny submarine through an ocean of blood to key locations and then photographs them. However, instead of players being stuck in a static position or captains chair they have the ability to move around and interact with objects and items inside of the submarine which adds an interesting piece of immersion to the game especially from the first-person point-of-view.

In terms of controlling the player's character, it has some of the standard controls one would expect in a first-person shooter such as using the mouse to move the camera, and the WASD keys to move the character around the submarine. Other more important controls of the game include left-clicking on specific objects or items to interact with them, the B Key for the Briefing, and the Tab Key for the map.

In terms of controlling the submarine there is a control panel at the front with two sets of buttons. First set are two horizontal arrow buttons that rotates the sub 360 degrees to the left or the right. The second set of buttons are vertical arrow buttons that navigate the submarine forward or backwards.

Now because of the mechanics of the game, there is no view port a player can use to determine their location. Instead they must use the Cartesian coordinates listed on the map, as well as the monitors on the control panels to determine where they need to go, how to get there and avoid potential collisions shown on the proximity sensor. Any time the submarine collides with a solid object displayed on the proximity senors, they die and they end up back at the main menu where they must continue from their last save.

Graphics-wise, this game uses the 2021 verison of the Unity Engine but the textures, models, particles, and sprites emulate older 90s-era video games such as Quake. The lighting inside the submarine is minimal which makes the interior seem much more claustrophobic as if it were a submarine. The sound design is superb as there is a combination of ambient sound effects coming from inside and outside the submarine which adds to the eerie and lonely atmosphere of the game. The music reminds me of some of the dark ambient themes one would hear in SOMA and certain parts of Half-Life 2.

The only real flaws with this game is it's length (it took me two hours to play through it) and the fact the layout of the map and the key locations seem to be static.

I would personally like to see a sequel or something similar by David Szymanski in the future. As this game and it's features have a significant amount of potential if they were expanded upon.

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