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There is a lot of things I can say about Transistor and the first thing that comes to my mind after finishing it is: "Wow, that was one hell of a ride!"

Now for the record I would like to say this is the first time I've played a game by Supergiant Games and suffice to say this was on of their products that I was interested in the most.

Anyway, Transistor is a Isometric Role-Playing game akin to the first two original Fallout games but with graphics and gameplay that blow the two of those games away.

The art style is gorgeous and the developers did a very good job blending both the two-dimensional characters and three-dimensional characters together with the environment that looks as if it was drawn and illustrated through traditional means much like with Lab Zero Games' Skullgirls and Indivisible but with an Art Nouveau style rather than an Art Deco one. I also love the fact that later on through the environment changes due to the damage by the Process because it twists the environment and makes it appear more surreal more than anything.

The music is absolutely gorgeous, especially since parts of the soundtrack brings in vocals from the same voice actor playing the main character which gives everyone the illusion the main character is singing along with the OST.

In terms of gameplay, it's actually pretty easy to get a hang of it though I would highly recommend that new players use a controller for it because it was very difficult for me at first to play through it with my mouse and keyboard. Anyway, you have these abilities called 'functions' which can be used as one of the four main abilities you use in combat or they can be used to augment your current abilities or be used for passive upgrades that can have a variety of benefits for your character. Be forewarned however, if you take too much damage you can 'lose' the functions that you're using for your main four abilities and they'll become temporarily unavailable for you, if all four of them are gone you die. As you level up in-game you can unlock new functions and more slots for upgrading your main abilities or add more slots for passive abilities as well as so-called 'limiters' which can give you a disadvantage and make things in-game a little more difficult for you in exchange for more experience. Also, one last interesting thing about the functions is that they correspond with a few characters and they expand upon the lore of the world you're in.

Combat-wise, you can use your abilities to do button-mash attacks against enemies though there is also the ability to perform a 'turn' which allows you to move around the battlezone you're in and take advantage of your opponents in various ways depending on the abilities you have. Among one of the things you can do is 'backstab' enemies with certain offensive abilities which can inflict more damage upon them. Be careful using a turn though because it can put all of your abilities on cooldown until the 'turn recovery' time is completed though there are ways around this depending on what functions your using for your main abilities, passive upgrades, and/or ability upgrades.

In terms of the story, you play as a singer by the name of 'Red' whose had her voice stolen from her by a group called the 'Camereta' and their robotic minions referred to as 'The Process' and the only way she can fight them is using a weapon called 'The Transistor' which was used in an assassination attempt against her. She starts fighting her way through the process in pursuit of the people stole her voice until things start spiraling downhill mid-game. I don't want to give any spoilers but I will note that the ending might be a downer at first but I suggest anyone who plans on playing it to watch the cutscenes all the way to their very ends because it does reveal a lot of information about the backstory of both Red and the Transistor as well as adding a few humorous and touching moments into the mix.

This is probably one of the best isometric RPG games I've ever played and I'd highly recommend it to anyone whose familiar with them.

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