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:firealone: My Trade Offer Link :firealone:
:firealone: My Backpack [backpack.tf]:firealone:
:firealone: My Marketplace.tf shop [marketplace.tf]:firealone:

:firealone: Trading Goals :firealone:
$100 backpack value
$500 backpack value
$1000 backpack value
$2000 backpack value (Achieved 1/11/2018)
$5000 backpack value (Achieved 6/1/2018)
$10000 backpack value (Achieved 8/18/2018)
Become one of the top #100 richest traders on bp.tf (Achieved 12/13/2018)[/strike]

:firealone: The Highlights of my Career :firealone:
:checkmark:Spellbound Milkman -Purchased for 120 keys pure
:checkmark: Frostbite Milkman-Purchased for 80 keys pure
:checkmark: Haunted Phantasms Jr. Milkman-Purchased for 55 keys pure
:checkmark: Collector's Holy Mackerel -Purchased for 4 keys pure
:checkmark:Festive Australium Scattergun -Purchased for 28 keys pure
:checkmark: Nutsack (Nuts n bolts doctor's sack) -Purchased for 9 keys pure
:checkmark: Hellfire Milkman-Purchased for 100 keys in unusuals
I've purchased a lot of cool stuff for keeps, and will purchase more in the future.

Some of the Coolest unusuals I've owned (Milkman #1):
Spellbound Milkman
Death at Dusk Killer Exclusive
Green Black Hole Ballcap
1/1 Sunbeams Phononaut
Chiroptera Venenata Tyrant's Helm
Sunbeams Frickin' Sweet Ninja Hood
Phosphorous Hat With no Name
Knifestorm One Man Army
Chiroptera Venenata Your Worst Nightmare
Purple Energy Rotation Sensation
Arcana Slick Cut
Scorching Flames Das Gutekuteherren
Arcana Headsplitter
Anti-Freeze Killer Exclusive
Knifestorm Bonk Boy

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Just send me trade offer when u r ready :)
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added still want that ghost law you own