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The more I play this game the more I fall in love with it...

Starting from humble beginnings as a driver taking freelance jobs you will eventually earn enough money to buy your own truck, then the fun really begins(apart from having to pay for your own petrol). Jobs are scattered across the whole of Europe with a variety of XP rewards on offer based on the cargo you will be towing...hook up the trailer, then just drive.

As with most simulator games this could be seen as only appealing to a niche section of gamers but Eurotruck 2 really is different, I had no interest in trucks before this game but I was still drawn to it and it has quickly become one of my favourite games. It is essentially a driving simulator but there is a bit of added depth with the ability to build garages and hire other drivers to work for you but for the most part you will be flying down a motorway, watching your speed, watching the traffic, checking that ever so slightly tight bend(cos u will roll if not careful)..

Having played many types of games the question of immersion often comes up...not long after first buying this game I was playing one night...Headphones on..Driving down the motorway..Listening to the in game radio(a metal channel) then it began to rain...wipers on ..slow down a bit i'm starting to weave around.. that short time driving down that motorway was the most immersed I've ever been in any game.

Special mention should also be given to the Devs..they are constantly releasing updates..listening to player feedback..offering cheap dlc (paint jobs) and periodically releasing larger dlc that opens up new roads and countries and they continue to do this despite working on American Truck Simulator. They also offer the world of trucks website which you can upload your trucking profile to in game and earn achievements and rewards through there ...for christmas they had a challenge to deliver presents over a distance equal to the distance between their offices and the north pole..reward?.. free Dlc..

So in summary, Great game..don't be put off by the 'Sim' aspect and support the Devs because they really deserve it and already have one confirmed sale of American Truck Simulator.
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