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Bastion, for showing that the end is not the end
Bear With Me, for turning dark very quickly
BioShock (1, 2, Infinite, Burial at Sea), for interweaving storylines
DeadCore, for being the only challenging game I can play
Deponia, for giving false hope
Draugen, for showing peace
Dreamfall Chapters, for its epic extent
Edna & Harvey, for being funny and sad
Final Fantasy XIII, for accompanying me for weeks
Firewatch, for building characters and depicting tranquility
Forgotton Anne, for giving life to the lifeless
A Hat in Time, for being carefree
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, for giving hope
Hitman, for its refined formula
INFRA, for exploring the seemingly mundane
Last Day of June, for subverting your expectations
Life is Strange, for growing its characters
Mirror's Edge, for keeping the flow
NaissanceE, for a truly unique world
Oxenfree, for talking with friends
Portal 2, for being a puzzle game like no other
RiME, for having a gut-punch moment
The Sexy Brutale, for perfecting the time loop
The Silent Age, for its distinct style
Smile For Me, for being very sweet
State of Mind, for being the most reasonable depiction of science-fiction
Still There, for breaking the routine
Stories Untold, for playing with its meta level
A Story About My Uncle, for letting me fly
Tacoma, for its characters and its ending
Tokyo Dark, for unravelling mysticism
Tomb Raider (reboot), for letting you feel pain
Transistor, for being the best game ever made
The Turing Test, for the feeling of isolation
Wandersong, for having a happy ending

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new phone who this
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hi bro. I am adding you because I want to speak something with you regarding your tf2 experience. Thanks in advance if you want to add me!
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egrill gamer? omg
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i can confirm, tidb is an excellent egirl