Discord: Sato#9999   Duncan, Oklahoma, United States
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Public Discord for chat/memes/art/porn/etc [] Twitch []

Other places: : Sato#1921
League of Legends: Śato (NA, of course!)
Discord: Sato#9999
Youtube: Click Here for dumb cat videos

I like : All things video games, speedruns/glitches, cool tech stuff, well done animation, some anime, cute things, lewd things, the color orange, Nintendo, Pokemon, spicy food, hugs, sleeping, being lazy, improving a friend's mood or well-being, giving things where reasonably possible, good people (kind, affectionate, open-minded, thoughtful, anything like that) ..oh, and cats. I have many cats, for better or worse.. ;_;

I don't like : My bad Internet connection, sleeping issues, where I live, excessive arguing, drama, "bad" people (mean-spirited, lying, those who try to manipulate.., condescending/disrespectful, inconsiderate, selfish types.. etc),

Misc info:
· Male (Apparently this needs to be said, haha). Pansexual, but not a submissive/'bottom' type.
· My birthday is on December 25th.
· My "personality type" is ANFP(-T) if you care about that thing
· If you are actually curious what I look like, just let me know. Profile pic is a good indicator haha.
· I am truly the laziest person on earth - sorry if this has or will affect you :3
· I have a few other notable flaws/issues, but I'm not going to publicly share them - if you care to know, just ask.
· I'm open minded and don't judge people based on silly things. I respect and support most all communities, fandoms, etc
· I leave random comments for random people when bored sometimes - sorry if this has annoyed you! You can let me know to never visit your profile again and I will happily do so.
· I'm generally pretty kind, sympathetic, friendly and well-intentioned -- and overly affectionate to the people I like.
· I sometimes do roleplaying with friends. Sometimes!
You can ask about it if this is something you're into.
· I draw most of my profile pictures. They're mediocre because I rarely draw, am self-taught, and exclusively use a mouse. (I also do silly animations on rare occasions..)
· Not a huge music person compared to most people, but my favorites are Danger, Daft Punk, and Deadmau5 I guess. Avicii was cool, too.
· I'm kind of a lewd person, due to a certain reason -- but I don't let it show around most people, it won't affect you!
· I'd probably love to meet you if I haven't already, as long as you're interested and not a jerk!
· I am not a "friend collector" - but I also don't remove people for inactivity/without a good reason. I do talk to everyone who shows interest.
· I enjoy giving things to people and helping out. If you'd like to vent, seek advice (especially regarding life, relationships/friendships, health, medicine, or psychology), get a hug, or anything else, I'm your guy!
· Leave a heart in the comments if you like, it's appreciated.
· Feel free to just ask anything else. I'm an open book about anything - not much to hide here..

> I have no rules aside from the usual "treat me how you want to be treated" basically, just a little common social sense! <

I do start conversations when I feel sociable enough -- but only with people who say hello to me sometimes as well! If you're someone with the hard rule of "I don't ever message first", I likely won't message you either after a while - I don't do super one-sided friendships/relationships, sorry. ^^;

Let me know if you want a free heart emoticon for Steam, I give them away to anyone and everyone.

Psst..I really like this person , they're so amazing for reading all this garbage. ¬ ̮ ̮ ¬ :pjheart:
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Katt Jan 16 @ 8:23pm 
i am in trouble
MissColourz Jan 16 @ 4:26pm 
Thanks for the comment :)
Sato Jan 16 @ 1:49pm 
Please dont use your bot to auto-comment huge hearts here- if you arent writing the comment yourself and hundreds of others get it, I see it as spam ^^;
White Jan 8 @ 9:51pm 
💜 You seem really friendly. I was wondering if I could add you.
Li Xian Tian Qi Jan 7 @ 9:58pm 
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