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"View more info" if seeking info about me
Friend invites are okay! (18+ only, though.)
Twitch [] | I'm back, kinda!

I don't send friend invites out to people very often anymore, after past negative experiences doing so.
So, if you have any interest at all, do feel free to do the friend invite thing!

No rules except be 18+, and be a decent person, treat others as you want to be treated, yada yada. When I accept, I'll send the first message your way (that just makes sense).

If I did sent you a friend invite, it's probably for some specific reason - or I just want to give you a shot thaaat much! It's a rare thing. If you accept, then send me a message saying something to make me aware!

Be aware that my Steam groups are not an indication of me or my personality. I joined a bunch of them to reach 69 for the meme and never bothered to change them!


Discord: OfficialEevee (formerly Sato#9999) - Only add on Discord I know you here already, or if it's important : Sato#1921

Like : All things video games, cats, speedruns/glitches, (good) animation, some anime, cute things, furries, the color orange, Nintendo, technology (computers,neural networks/artificial intelligence, etc), Halo, StarCraft, sleeping/lazying, helping others, giving things, good people, foxes,

Don't like : Where I live, pointless arguing, drama, obnoxious people (e.g. liars, those who try to manipulate, condescending/disrespectful, selfish types, hypocrites, 'my opinion is better than yours' types, last-word types.. etc.)

Wall of info:
· I'm a male, pansexual, 18+.
· Truly the laziest person on earth (sorry!)
· I'm a pretty dang honest person (and I don't appreciate dishonest/fake people.)
· Usually tired, some particular stuff kills my sleep these days.
· Some words that describe me: easygoing, friendly, well-intentioned, reasonable, tired, empathetic, lazy
· Affectionate to the people I particularly like!
· Favorite music artists are Daft Punk, Danger, Deadmau5, but I mostly like OSTs to games. Arknights & Blue Archive are full of bangers.
· I enjoy giving things to people and helping out~
· Leave a heart or some other comment if you like! I'll probably return it.
· I collect Steam heart emoticons & heartwarming awards for some silly reason.
· I am an AI/deep-learning/neural network enthusiast and hobbyist. It's really interesting stuff to me. I accept differences of opinion (and there are certainly pros and cons), just be respectful and willing to agree to disagree. Infinite other things to talk about!
(If you do have interest in this sort of thing, though, poke me about it!)
· Generally, I can see both sides on issues even when I strongly disagree with 'the other side' - I'm pretty capable of looking at things objectively. I don't appreciate people who push their opinions as if they are facts or 'better' than that of others.
· I'm also someone who is willing to set aside bias and just 'say it like it is' - the 'Jester' awards on my profile are from people who got angry at a fair and honest steam review, lmao.
· Feel free to just ask anything else you might be curious about!


> I have no rules aside from the usual "treat me how you want to be treated" basically, just a little common social sense! <

To those who say "I don't ever message first":
I'll lose interest and poke other people instead!
Pursuing friendships that go both ways are what makes sense, but no hard feelings -- just remove me, wishing you well!


Let me know if you want a free heart emoticon for Steam, I give them away to anyone - friend or not.

Also, send me a Heartwarming award and I'll love* you forever. Trying to reach 100 as a silly arbitrary goal.

Psst..I really like this person , they're so amazing for reading all this ¬ ̮ ̮ ¬ :pjheart:
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Hammu 5 hours ago 
Hisui Jul 23 @ 4:48am 
'sup! Just felt like saying hi, after seeing your comments on my profile again.
Wulfess™ Jul 20 @ 6:36am 
Don't forget to hydrate yourself in these hot times! 🥤🧊
Sato 🧡 Jul 19 @ 7:53pm

there you go. that's me. just with cats!
It says it's not available for me. :<