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Tiger, tiger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry? - William Blake
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A few words from the digital tiger...
Big important notes (Updated Jun 2017):

1: Getting on my friendlist only happens now if either -
* I invited you myself OR someone on my friendlist referred you to me
* You're a developer and you need to discuss a review I put out or you need to talk to me for some other reason (if it's a sales pitch for me to review your game, make it good)
* You're part of C7K . People in this (and only this) group are whitelisted by default.

Anyone else, leave a comment down below, I might consider it if I'm in a good mood.

2 : There has been a few instances of other Hobbes appearing. If in doubt, the easy way to confirm that you're dealing with the real Hobbes™ is through two specific anti-counterfeit measures. First, the presence of the Greyhound badge in the upper right corner, second, the list of games in my games collector profile, which are : Blur, Droplitz, Ion Assault and Cart Life. In that order. None of these games are purchasable on steam, and therefore the odds of any other Hobbes having these exact games are next to none. Third (new for 2019!), in my badge collector widget is a years of service badge which when moused over shows a join date of 23/10/2007. Anyone who's join date differs from that is a dirty filthy cheat, with fleas (see 2a).

2a: Corollary, I own the aforementioned games in point (2). You can confirm this by doing an owned games search, anyone who claims to have them in their profile and does NOT have them in their owned games list is a dirty filthy cheat, with fleas, and should be given a bath. Only a true tiger owns the games they display in their profile.

You'll find me most of the time either here or on discord (Hobbes#1337) , and willing to chat and socialise. Particular interests include security and network topology, the exact length of time one should dunk a digestive buscuit into coffee, and a love for all things involving 4x Games, weird chemistry (such as dioxygen diflouride) and perhaps most strangely of all, economics. Do note I do occasionally mop up my friends lists from time to time, if you drop off my friend list, that's why, it's not because I suddenly don't like you. If you want me to re-add you, just poke me.

SELECT that_fuzzy_tiger FROM digital_animals WHERE vocal='roars' AND description='loudly';

Proud member of C7K - home of my personal diety

Specs (since I get occasional pokes about what I run these days)

i7-8086k // Asus ROG Maximus X Hero Z370
32G Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3000 C15-17-17-35
Zotac NVIDIA 2080Ti // Creative Labs Sound Blaster AE5
Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 // Corsair TX750M // HP Omen 32" Monitor
Razer Mamba TE // Razer Firefly Cloth // Razer Tiamat (v1) // Mistel Barocco Keyboard
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Hobbes Mar 26 @ 10:19am 
My profile picture has been updated to comply with the newly ratified Article 13 by the EU on 26/03/2019. Using a royalty free, copyright free stock image ensures that I will not fall foul of Junker's memewall.
Deisophia Jan 31 @ 7:32am 
Hey, I recently found out some information from 2015, and your name was connected and wanted to ask a few questions to understand a situation better. If you don't want to then I understand. Thank you for your time!
kycaver Jan 12 @ 10:31am 
Just came across one of your reviews, and loved it. Sending you a friends request because I want your review to pop up right away if there is one on a game I am looking at.
Hobbes Dec 7, 2018 @ 7:15pm 
Now with the Epic store stepping up to the idiot plate it's starting to look like imma swinging for the bleachers. Anyone who needs some amusement, my post history is gonna get -spicy-
InstableMonster Oct 22, 2018 @ 2:32pm 
Thank you for continuing to point out the shadines of the devs or Sinner since he thought he probably could get away with it by silencing the 3 people who were vocal about it before and he now has resolved to spreading false info that we were spamming when we all know making one thread about his twitter mocking isn't spam but putting the truth out for all to see. On my part I have contacted steam about his unprofessionalism and they said they would look into his tweet and mockery of the steam consumer base. Keep up the good work and have a great day.
PancakeWizard Jul 20, 2018 @ 1:46pm 
Good stuff, thanks for replying!