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Tiger tiger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night.
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame thy fearful symmetry? - William Blake
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A few words from the digital tiger...
Big important notes (Updated Jun 2017):

1: Getting on my friendlist only happens now if either -
* I invited you myself OR someone on my friendlist referred you to me
* You're a developer and you need to discuss a review I put out or you need to talk to me for some other reason (if it's a sales pitch for me to review your game, make it good)
* You're part of C7K . People in this (and only this) group are whitelisted by default.

Anyone else, leave a comment down below, I might consider it if I'm in a good mood.

2 : There has been a few instances of other Hobbes appearing. If in doubt, the easy way to confirm that you're dealing with the real Hobbes™ is through two specific anti-counterfeit measures. First, the presence of the Greyhound (new for 2018!) badge in the upper right corner, second, the list of games in my games collector profile, which are : Blur, Droplitz, Ion Assault and Cart Life. In that order. None of these games are purchasable on steam, and therefore the odds of any other Hobbes having these exact games are next to none.

2a: Corollary, I own the aforementioned games in point (2). You can confirm this by doing an owned games search, anyone who claims to have them in their profile and does NOT have them in their owned games list is a dirty filthy cheat, with fleas, and should be given a bath. Only a true tiger owns the games they display in their profile.

You'll find me most of the time either here or on discord (Hobbes#8752) , and willing to chat and socialise. Particular interests include security and network topology, the exact length of time one should dunk a digestive buscuit into coffee, and a love for all things involving 4x Games, weird chemistry (such as dioxygen diflouride) and perhaps most strangely of all, economics. Do note I do occasionally mop up my friends lists from time to time, if you drop off my friend list, that's why, it's not because I suddenly don't like you. If you want me to re-add you, just poke me.

SELECT that_fuzzy_tiger FROM digital_animals WHERE vocal='roars' AND description='loudly';

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FantasyFreak_UK Feb 2 @ 1:18pm 
Warriors: Rise to Glory! any good?
TheDocHimself Feb 2 @ 12:34am 
Hey Hobbes, you were recently on my friends list, however I lost all my friends over steam. Just wanted to see if you could add me back
ChaoXnought Jan 22 @ 7:22am 
++rep The embodiment of hoarding digital games. Respectful guy and trustworthy.
Hobo Joe Jan 21 @ 9:11pm 
please give me love
i thought it was jojo tiger