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Don't Panic
not everything from this list i still listen to
not everything from this list i still like
this is more like a memorial of music that has passed my ears and made me feel stuff
:musicskull: Garage/Punk/Classic Rock
:musicskull: Breakcore/Dreamcore (sewerslvt, dj dead horses, machine girl)
:musicskull: DnB (Aphex Twin, Venetian Snares)
:musicskull: Power/Heavy Metal
:musicskull: Vaporwave, Synthwave and Future funk
:musicskull: Death Grips
:musicskull: Gorillaz
:musicskull: Tally Hall and Hawaii: Part II
:musicskull: Sir Elton John
:musicskull: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
:musicskull: Weezer
:musicskull: Anything Neil Cicierega ( Lemon Demon / Mouth saga )
:musicskull: PilotRedSun and Jack Stauber
:musicskull: Ninja Sex Party
:musicskull: 100 Gecs

Other stuff I like
:deathking: co-op games (Deep Rock Galactic, L4D, Payday 2)
:deathking: programming (Python, Lua, C/C++, Rust)
:deathking: game development
:deathking: linux and linux ricing
:deathking: TF2
:deathking: roguelikes(BoI, Gungeon, Nuclear Throne)
:deathking: radio dramas (Wolf 359, The Magnus Archives, We're Alive)
:deathking: SCP Wiki
:deathking: Old CRPGs (Morrowind, Arx Fatalis, etc)
:deathking: Dwarf Fortress
:deathking: Sci-fi books (Dune, H2G2)
:deathking: Thief TDP and Thief 2

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