-hugs and kisses-
Stuperfox: I literally sleep with him under the blankets everynight

Stuperfox: -waggles tail-

Stuperfox: Sounds like someone needs more hugs and kisses

Stuperfox: -waggles tail maliciously-

Stuperfox: I dont look forward to bed to go to sleep, I look forward to the snuggles.

Stuperfox : at least pull my leash if you are going to put your balls in my face. what ever happened to romance?

Stuperfox: I would give him all the babies

Stuperfox: i was so wet

Stuperfox : i can attest, i am a true slut because i am not smart enough to be a ♥♥♥♥♥ and get paid for it

Stuperfox: "what ever a man and a woman, and another women with a penis and a midget do to a donkey, that is their own gosh darn business"

Stuperfox: girl ♥♥♥♥ is hotter than guy ♥♥♥♥

Stuperfox: I am sexually aroused by fragging

Stuperfox: I am just here for the sex

Stuperfox: they can think what they want, but I will still snuggle him every night.

Stuperfox: I just looked up and he was inside me

Stuperfox: getting all the penetration

Stuperfox : he is my fluffy butt

Stuperfox: going to have to give him lots of hugs and kisses to make up haha

Stuperfox: The West Hill: you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ animal.

Stuperfox: i am batman
Stuperfox: just happen to be a fox

Stuperfox: clancy wants to make babies
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Stuperfox Nov 10 @ 9:33am 
It shows up as a civ grade in game. When it first came out valve accidently made it civ grade in the crate, so you could use the stat clock tool on it to make the paint strange. I applied it to the paint and crafted it before valve fixed it. So in game it shows up as the light blue of a civ grade and not the orange of a strange or darker blue of a merc grade.
typhoon Nov 8 @ 3:04pm 
whats glitched tho
Stuperfox Nov 8 @ 1:33pm 
Glitched too?
typhoon Nov 8 @ 12:50pm 
we got the same star rifle c:
demoknight tf2 Oct 15 @ 4:53pm 
my money doesnt folds it jiggles jiggles
The Hobroblin Jul 5 @ 4:20pm 
*boop* hey interested in any trade? i just want some unique quality weapon nothing too expensive