[.Moe] Gnome The Japanese Maid
Gnome The Japanese Maid   Stockton-on-tees, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Please shot a message on my profile if you want to add me.

I am not looking to buy, sell or trade tf2/cs:go items.
feel free to donate
No, I wont give you admin on my (.moe) servers. Stop adding me to ask.

Netto: Are you using chrome or firefox?
Sloth: *pauses* I'm using bitdefender

Cornetto: "if you give him booze and candy he helps you"
Me: "oh, like father christmas"

I like video games. Not on those shitty consoles, though. I am not an aim assist warrior. I prefer 100 million frames per second and sub 50 latency. PC Master Race. Website: http://www.gnome.moe
TERA Characters(MT server): Gnome, Ayase.Aragaki, Harem.King, Harem.Queen, Fisting.Myself

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Not trading, just out of room on my Showcase!
Chelli_i Jul 10 @ 7:59am 
heya little chinese japanese girl "w"
GriN Apr 26 @ 7:27am 
best medi heavy +rep
Athletic Sloth Apr 7 @ 11:55am 
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I don't like you +1
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