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CS20 | Map Collection | Shrike - Sparkwire
Collection by Sparkwire
A set of 3 (soon to be 4) map themed skins for CS20!
CS20 | MP7 | Opening Shot
Collection by Sparkwire
This is a collection of the 2 Opening Shot variants. Given out as a commemorative skin 15 years ago, this gun has stuck with you through thick and thin!
Doggie Bag
Collection by Sparkwire
In prehistoric times, packs of Dachshunds roamed the Plains of Boston, hunting the now-extinct Giant Ground Whale. Protect yourself against the inevitable return of the Giant Ground Whale and adopt a Wiener Dog today.
AWP | NecronomiGun
Collection by Sparkwire
The timeless modern design of the AWP has been updated with an ancient yet ageless feel. Upon its surface are artisanal runic etchings crafted to reflect the time-honored designs of pre-civilization Sumatra as well as reflect the undying ghosts of those wh
Sawed Off Cutaways
Collection by Sparkwire
A pair of skins exposing the internal workings of the sawn off shotgun. Check out the sketchfabs! Default: Brushed: 3D interior:
Prehistoric Collection
Collection by Sparkwire
A collection of neanderthal and cavepainting inspired weapon finishes.
The Golden Snake
Collection by Sparkwire
A lucky gambling set for a lucky gambler.
Doctor X-RAY
Collection by Sparkwire
Medic blasted by radiation, just in time for halloween. They'll never know its not a costume!
Engineering Winter Gear
Collection by Sparkwire
Engi's parka for year round cold coverage.
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