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You see, they say that people shrivel up because they have an imagination. So, don't imagine anything, you'll become brave as hell.
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Frantic are the eyes of the dreamer, what could they be seeing?

This is a weapon finish based on REM sleep, when most dreams occur.

[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]
Status - Accepted for Game, Created by - Sparkwire and Druida
Workshop Showcase
Your eyes are full of hands whispered the snake.
This flipbook shows my design iterations through the creation of making this skin!
[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]
Status - Pending, Created by - Sparkwire
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The Goblin Aug 9 @ 4:02pm 
Love the work you did on the Katyusha.
𝐃𝐚𝐫𝐤 Knight Aug 8 @ 12:14pm 
Hey there, in workshop_workbench I'm unable to place scope texture of SSG. I got different texture files for gun model and scope model. I didn't find any option to place the scope texture. Please help.
TheLaTasher Jul 18 @ 5:58pm 
I want to add you to make content about csgo skins on youtube. In short I'd like to feature you if I may. : )
✪ SlavYy Jul 17 @ 5:04pm 
hi bro, can you accept please, i want to ask something about skins making and that stuff and thanks! :TheSmiley:
t1k Jul 14 @ 1:56am 
+rep nice skins
Snonepe Jul 11 @ 10:51pm 
Hey man. I know we've had a bit of odd history but just dropping by to say hi. Maybe we can get in touch again. Things were kinda bad for me back in the day but stuff has been good now. I've always respected the work you do and I'm excited to see what you're up to these days!