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You see, they say that people shrivel up because they have an imagination. So, don't imagine anything, you'll become brave as hell.
Workshop Showcase
Sharp, functional shapes peppered with abstract mosaics and adorned with bronze engravings depicting your four brothers in arms. A weapon finish inspired by the concrete efficiency of brutalist architecture.
839 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Sparkwire and Druida
Workshop Showcase
This is a more somber variant, with a stripped down frame and charred wood.
633 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - Sparkwire and Druida
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B9B8 Nov 19 @ 10:04am 
add me pls need your help
Sorry for the random comment, I love the space set for the pyro and hate that the gloves and boots never got added, it would be perfect because of this if you could paint the sleeves of the suit!
夜明的水平线 Oct 28 @ 3:46am 
have an offer for ya, added mate.
zloyxen Oct 26 @ 7:35am 
+rep :pmhorns:
Schwichlon Oct 24 @ 12:30pm 
Hi I sent you a mail as to why I want to add you. -Esteban
Nugget Oct 10 @ 2:44pm 
The Motherly Father should have been added