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Dain_Ironfoot 2. juni @ 10:31 
Oh, ok. Do you know that Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are two different genres, basically? Eternal Crusade is 40k (more futuristic) with some pretty neat guns and stuff. Really fun for a free game... it's not your typical FPS, kinda unique. Worth trying, honestly. The developer is actually not a huge company either, the WH40k name just gets licensed for various teams and different types of games. Thanks for replying, though.
sHaKeNbAkE 2. juni @ 6:33 
Thanks Dain...sorry but not a Warhammer fan.
Dain_Ironfoot 1. juni @ 17:38 
Hey shake, this is Sokotra Redhawk... sent you a friend request. Try out Warhammer 40,000:Eternal Crusade if you get a chance... it's free and pretty darn entertaining. Take care.
sHaKeNbAkE 24. apr. @ 11:04 
lol..thanks man!
E 5 1 5 0 24. apr. @ 10:43 
Most interesting youtuber <3 Keep it up Shake :D