If you'd like to add me then please comment the reason on my profile.
MenToz ytb Aug 5 @ 3:44pm 
I add only good people
rodixicek Aug 3 @ 4:08pm 
added for trade and play :D
tyn Jul 31 @ 12:38am 
Can I talk to your head admin ? You banned me wrong, I got a flanking warning, I accept, but everyone flanks, but why am I banned? Your friend is cursing me and being racist, he's innocent I'm guilty VERY NİCE !!! I've been admin on one of the biggest servers in Europe, I've seen a lot of systems, but your system needs to be reviewed by the head admin. I think you love racism so much that you don't ban people who are racist and you ban people who flank I think one of your admins got angry with me, if you want, I can meet your angry admin face to face, he will be very happy about it I HAVE BEEN UNNEEDLY BANNED !!!
thatskelegirl Jul 13 @ 3:09am 
L1MON Jul 9 @ 12:21pm 
Hi! I'm the owner of the Ukrainian project {LINK REMOVED} , I want to talk about buying a plugin
R3 Jun 5 @ 7:00am