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CEO & Founder of VoiceHerd Studio- Professional Voice Overs
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Professional Freelance Voice Talent
- Professional Studio: Neumann TLM103 | Apollo Twin MKII | Adobe Audition
- Voice overs for FaZe Clan, Counter Logic Gaming, ESL, Fnatic Clan, Johnson & Johnson (Band Aid), Telegram, Survarium, Tico Trucks, Gonzaga University, Oklahoma University, Locherber Milano, Superior Glove and many many more!
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sHaKeNbAkE 8月6日 8時21分 
Latest voice over for Survarium-
Dain_Ironfoot 6月2日 10時31分 
Oh, ok. Do you know that Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are two different genres, basically? Eternal Crusade is 40k (more futuristic) with some pretty neat guns and stuff. Really fun for a free game... it's not your typical FPS, kinda unique. Worth trying, honestly. The developer is actually not a huge company either, the WH40k name just gets licensed for various teams and different types of games. Thanks for replying, though.
sHaKeNbAkE 6月2日 6時33分 
Thanks Dain...sorry but not a Warhammer fan.
Dain_Ironfoot 6月1日 17時38分 
Hey shake, this is Sokotra Redhawk... sent you a friend request. Try out Warhammer 40,000:Eternal Crusade if you get a chance... it's free and pretty darn entertaining. Take care.
sHaKeNbAkE 4月24日 11時04分 
lol..thanks man!