Gray Schafer   Lorraine, France
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I normally speak French but I speak English really well now.

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My engineer twin <3

Some fat pugs I carried - , , Won this 2v5 []


"Jeebus, don't feed. Unless you are feeding me sandvich." - Tashi

Walrex: let happy bob feed us
Walrex: he is happy to feed us
Walrex: hes like an enthusiastic waiter

GreenKing : pnut down

muteyy. : i too am a large african like continent

*DEAD* -last- GreenKing : y tho
-middle- OrangeKing : dont know tho
*DEAD* -first- PurpleKing : tho , (im the med) ,

Tiffany Walker
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:sentry: TEAM FORTRESS 2 :sentry:
I play TF2 competitivly as Engineer and Medic, both of which I am open to ring!
UGC Iron HL S18 - Engineer and Leader for Skycode - 3 wins, 3 losses
UGC Steel HL S19 - Sub Engineer for Waterboys - 3 wins, 5 losses
UGC Silver HL S20 - Engineer for Band of Morons - 5 wins, 3 losses
UGC Silver HL S21 - Sub Engineer for Team Spooky - 6 wins, 2 losses
UGC Silver HL S22 - Sub Engineer for SkateFastEatBass - 8 wins, 4 losses
UGC Silver HL S23 - Sub Engineer for Sigma 2.0 [] - 4 wins, 4 losses
UGC Silver HL S24 - Sub Engineer for Ascension [] - 6 wins, 4 losses
RGL Advanced HL S2 - Engineer for Super Handsom Intelligent Team [] - 6 wins, 3 losses, Third Place!
ESEA Open 6v6 S23 - Medic for Squirrels with Chainsaws [] - 5 wins, 11 losses
ESEA Open 6v6 S29 - Medic for Loading One eSports [] - 6 wins, 10 losses
UGC Iron 4v4 S9 - Medic for Skycode - 4 wins, 1 loss
7v7 Season 1 - Champions with Skycode Gaming United! [] - 3 wins, 0 losses

:d2antimage: DOTA 2 :d2antimage:
Won this battle cup
Won another battle cup

:balloon: TEAM FORTRESS 2 UNUSUALS :balloon:
Big Country w/ Nuts n Bolts
Engineer's Cap w/ Miami Nights
Engineer's Cap w/ Memory Leak
Modest Pile of Hat w/ Orbiting Fire
Modest Pile of Hat w/ Peace Sign
Danger w/ Terror Watt
Backwoods Boomstick w/ Energy Orb (FT)
Plug in Prospector w/ Demonflame
Texas Ten Gallon w/ Scorching Flames
German Gonzilla w/ Sunbeams
German Gonzilla w/ Scorching Flames
:csgoct: COUNTER STRIKE KNIVES :csgoct:
Field Tested Stained Butterfly Knife
Well Worn Safari Mesh Karambit
Battle Scarred Stained Flip Knife (no photo)
Field Tested Karambit Urban Masked
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Perfect Games
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182 hrs on record
last played on Dec 9
3,079 hrs on record
last played on Dec 9
4,439 hrs on record
last played on Dec 8
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lfp 6s
Chris said I quote what he have said and then say that it makes sense. 👥 🗣️ 👤 👥 👤
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lfp medic?
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