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So yesterday I did Door Dash, and my delivery took me somewhere familiar. To the complex of my old brother. So while I was there I got lost and started chatting with the person who's food I was delivering. So I finally find her place and arrive and am like "Food is here :)" she responds, "YaY! 🎉🎉" lol and immediately opens the door. She was.....SHE WAS JUST OMGGGGGGGG THE CUTEST GIRL I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what's the problem? I am mainly a gay boy lol and queer/femsexual femboy mainly and honestly only into other femboys! So now I'm confused.... Am I bi? Pan? am I demi? lol does that smol interaction count as me being demi? I'm very confused now >.< I have never liked girls before, until ig last night? OwO also also when she opened the door, I like stumbled on my words soooooooooooooo much that well, that only happens usually when I talk about or too cute boys or hehe cute femboys lol
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