cum sock monkey
nath   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
ok king

2:13 PM - Mama Jensen™ 👀: just came to loot black dick

11:53 PM - Mama Jensen™ 👀: i cannot fight
11:53 PM - Mama Jensen™ 👀: i must flirt for my life

"I have typos when I think" -Frosti

Proper: you know what's better than 24?

Proper: brb i have to kill my parents
Goose: sounds like an epic gamer win....

Proper: Frosti do you need an ambulance?
Gaben: they'd shoot him

<22:05:40> You poked "fisher" with message: hey hottie
<22:05:51> "fisher" pokes you: hey bitch

"I'm gonna tell her I orgasm once a year and it's a Snez, then she'll probably try to leave" -Mathieu

Mama Jensen™ 👀: sorry proper fuck lord
Mama Jensen™ 👀: fuck lord propner

Mama Jensen™ 👀: you don't need clothes for dickhole retard

Proper 🔪Today at 10:30 AM
We aren’t racism in here
makamoto 🎩Today at 10:30 AM
Proper that’s the most intellectual shit I heard you say the past 3 years

"Every nigger i say is a cry for help" -veri

"you wanna see some duck tits?" [] -Mathieu

sairrToday at 5:40 PM
i would let you fuck a black in front of me

morbuToday at 12:02 AM
proper gamer = horse sex

sairrToday at 1:52 PM
all girls are lesbians
it's in dna

Proper: nnigger
Mama Jensen™ 👀: YES
Mama Jensen™ 👀: SO TRUE
Mama Jensen™ 👀: 🙌

"Stop saying twitch memes im gonna fucking kill you" -Beter

"I want to save my semen, like put it in a bank or something. like TD Bank" -Matyim

ekksdeeToday at 9:54 PM

"usually my head brain is pretty working" -Beter

benjamin counterToday at 3:21 PM
ok im a rapist now i think

argentina go!: im argentina im nigger

oAntzToday at 9:09 PM
send coc pics
no ho0mo
proper 🔪Today at 9:09 PM
im a communist
oAntzToday at 9:09 PM

"proper you should get pregnant as a joke" -alan

mikeyToday at 10:56 PM
go to my country for 1 day and u will know what it is like to shower naked

“Mikey I don’t want you to redpill me on child porn” -alan

Nicki minaj: No problem bro i love die

sage: im slenderman dont @ me

sageToday at 10:10 PM
i am lusty for you
can i borrow 10 dollars

SonicboomzoomToday at 4:07 PM
to dodge cum is to dodge your own humanity

SnigglegrosToday at 3:31 PM
as long as he comes and fixes my bike i dont care if he kickstarted a ugandan genocide

droogleToday at 2:30 PM
U shall know no peace when I'm a crack addict

“I’m pregnant”
“Shut up i fucking hate you” -kkfonix

“Psychosis what the fuck is your picture”
“it’s Proper in hell”

heatherToday at 10:38 PM
'a I wish taemin would kidnap me, and tie me up, and torture me with feather on my feet ^.^:zany_face: :ok_hand: :tired_face: :weary: and only feed me raw cat food like the bad kitty i am..

properToday at 11:18 PM
Flustered PigeonToday at 11:18 PM
thats exactly what a society would say

SnigglegrosToday at 9:52 PM
daffy duck defnintelys swallows

“Stop being pregnant warning one” -Pauly

exist one more time and im starting a plague

"I feel bad for every e-boy who has ever spoken to you, like they heard your voice and went 'oh my god i am horny'" -spencer

"you're just gaslighting her with csgo callouts" -kyle

“I killed myself because I was nathposting” -kyle

bird farmer 7Today at 6:14 PM
I bought bleach and scissors
Alice’s ChaosToday at 6:18 PM
Proper don’t do it

"You are the control because you're gay" -kyle

sleep tight wronkToday at 9:40 PM
dont cum is a better came


Congressman(Yaweh): Proper called you a bitch by the way
DruDerp is now Online.
DruDerp: Yeah.
Congressman(Yaweh): just letting you know
Congressman(Yaweh): trying to avoid drama
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