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We should have used stronger wine but fine

mystery link 2.0 [blog.pmpress.org]

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possibly useless fact
my username in russian is "-=+редактирует профессор+=-" "-=+профессор редактор+=-" (thanks to MerekiDor for correcting that!)

if you're looking for actual info on me then refer to the custom info box i put on my profile not whatever this is


there's nothing here.
yo what's up g
"tabs" - Av8tor_ZA, 2023

first things first there's a scamming account stealing thing and i was told to copy and paste a bunch of text to spread awareness so i'm just gonna paste this now

If a person from your friends list tells you he accidentally reported you to steam immediately block him.
That person's account got hijacked and is being used to spread the scam. Tell everyone who also has them as friend that they got hijacked.
Make them block the hijacked account, stop the scam from spreading. Raise awareness.

The scammer will tell you to add a steam mod to your friends list to safe your account. The steam mod is fake.
Valve would never do this and steam mods have a badge.

Stay safe, use common sense.

i also think there's some variations of this. My friend told me about one that just tells you to friend them right away. Basically don't friend request any random strangers unless you are sure that
they have good intentions.

Also because of this i will not accept random friend requests unless i have a good reason to accept them.

Hello! i'm professoredits, you may know me, you may not know me, who cares?

If you can't already tell by my years of service badge, i have been here since 2013 and i'm proud to have been around for that long despite the cringe I posted when I was the devolved gremlin I was in an earlier state of my existence.

I like memes, h.
I'm also a bit tech savvy, not really, i only really know how to access the files for steam games and a few other things.
because of a game [en.wikipedia.org] i used to have (i still have it but it's essentially on life support now) i like to create stuff which i guess is why my name is profeoredit lmao

And that's pretty much it, i guess.

behold, my hard work.


Really hard mindustry attack map whose difficulty has been nullified by the 6.0 update. I'm not sure if the sequel is gonna be a thing at this point.

Professoredits' People Playground Extensions

A bunch of random stuff for people playground. It died a while ago.

How accurate is totally accurate battle simulator?

How accurate is it?
...Looking back at it, I don't think I even answered the question.

Why the super peasant and dark peasant are no doubt the best units

Not sure what to say about this one. Though it kind of copied another tabs guide.

how to get a community award

Basically just me making getting a community award sound a lot harder than it actually is. Probably.

How to break reality with a tank

I don't think this one works anymore. How sad.

Professoredits' Assorted Stuff [tabs.mod.io]

My tabs faction. It's been abandoned for a while but I plan on reviving it into several smaller factions. an update on it is in the works, plus it's gonna get it's own campaign.

Garry's Mod Bosses

The currently known (released) bosses are:


that's it for this custom info box, if anything notable happens i'll make sure to keep you informed. peace out and i hope you have a nice day.

tip of the day: Invest in a mini-fridge!

television rules the nation!


mystery link
Av8tor_ZA Oct 8, 2023 @ 10:30am 
sk Dec 16, 2022 @ 10:14pm 
Pen Feb 25, 2022 @ 11:31pm 
goomgle tramsnalte
-=+professoredits+=- Feb 21, 2022 @ 6:27am 
thanks for correcting it
-=+professoredits+=- Feb 21, 2022 @ 6:24am 
guess that's what i get for using google translate
MerekiDor Feb 20, 2022 @ 1:51pm 
your name in Russian would be "профессор редактор", correct your description king