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Dave (Big), Justin (fake name)   East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
asianchris666 handing out fizzy beans cause the tracking too devilish
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children’s cartoon game dominates my life
Shoutout to Jim Vickers , the best TF2 player EVER!
Shoutout to Extrasolar may he rest in peace.
Shoutout to Police Squad [], had low arrested

ETF2L 6s Throwback Cup '23 Open w/ A Team With No Name :winnerwinner:
ETF2L Highlander Season 24 Mid w/ Team Colonslash: Jim :winnerwinner:
ETF2L Highlander Season 22 Mid w/ Team Colonslash: Resurrection :thirdplace:
UGC Highlander S31 Silver w/ Team Colonslash: Resurrection :winnerwinner:
Russian Highlander Season 4 w/ ocen gang :winnerwinner:
ETF2L Highlander Season 19 Open w/ MONKEY MODE U16 :winnerwinner:
ETF2L 6s Season 33 Low w/ Police Squad :secondplace:
HLMixes Showdown Season 2 w/ Team Fortress 2 :winnerwinner:
CLTF2 6v6 Open No Restrictions w/ zengurtnology :thirdplace:
EuroLander Main Season 1 w/ Team Fortress 2 :secondplace:
Russian Highlander Season 3 w/ Team Fortress 2 :winnerwinner:
Late Night TF2 Cup w/ RANCH :secondplace:
MidNight Noon Cup w/ Team Fortress 2 :secondplace:
Pugiklander Spring 2019 w/ Team Fortress 2 :winnerwinner:
KnightComp League Season 1 Europe w/ demoknight XD :secondplace:
ETF2L Highlander Season 18 Mid w/ MONKEY MODE U18 :winnerwinner:
ETF2L Highlander Season 17 Division 1 w/ Weed Cake Sellers :secondplace:
ESL TF2 6on6 Swiss Cup #1 Europe w/ Police Squad.ApeX :thirdplace:
HLMixes Showdown  w/ VICKERS CLAN. :secondplace:
Ready Steady Pan Season 4 w/ Silence of the Pans :winnerwinner:
UGC 6s Season 27 Platinum w/ Police Squad :winnerwinner:
Ready Steady Pan Season 3 w/ Silence of the Pans :winnerwinner:
UGC 6s Season 24 Platinum w/ Police Squad :thirdplace:
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