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I cover Mainly PC Related Games Since November 22, 2013, The Majority of games are more than likely are on all Platforms "Part From Exclusive games" Xbox/PlayStation/Switch. The Channel Covers Achievement Guides / Walkthroughs / All In One with commentary and I do my best to make the guides as easy to follow as possible.

I Started NTAGAMEGUIDES back in Late 2009 with another Person but now I'm a one-man band doing the Bulk Load Of the Videos

The Channel Covers over 2300+ Guides. A new thing back in 2009-2010 we started is called "All In One" what has now been Taken on others Guide Creators what is great! - These are all collectables and missable achievements level by level helping you Along The Way

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All of our Guides should be sorted in the playlists - So feel free to check that out...
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Showing you where to find all Secrets by Video
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locations of each Gold bars & Wine bottles In the game
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Dark Devotion
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Everygame has there ups and downs upon release date
But i shall still stand by the Whole Series as it really enjoyable to play

- I hardly see a Developer Listen to all the Feedback about there game as much and this one
- Open World
- More Places to Explore
- fast travelling
- new Kills
- Bubbleheads "to keep you Busy"
- Better Inventory Management
- Bird travelling

- The bird becomes near enough Useless after finding all Fast travel locations "but can become useful in some places"
- Lack of people walking around or driving around making it Ghost town
- Save File needs improvements "I would like to be able to Manually save myself"
- one place is buggy for me and that is the morgans family house, but The Dev Team are aware of these and Fixing it


Where Is The Tricycle I demand a Tricycle please and thank you (^_^)
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Immortal Unchained - All Armour Shrines & Protocols Locations (Short Version)

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