picel broth
Kai   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
"From the depths of hell, my shades ascend :B1:"
About Me
Hi! I'm picel broth. (Pronounced piss-el br-off)

I hate Homestuck.

If you're checking my profile for Dead by Daylight :cozydbd: , I'm really bad at this game. Yes, that applies to both roles! Please keep in mind that I play with the chat muted to avoid harassment.

If you're checking my profile for Payday 2 :hoxton: , I only kick cheaters and people who play as Ethan. I use inspire on almost every single build and very likely bring Jack of All Trades. I used to play as Jacket, but now I constantly switch up characters.

Also worth noting for both of the above games, I sometimes play these on the Steam Deck, where it's not really possible to communicate, so sorry about that.

Thanks for checking my profile.
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Worms Armageddon
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