Rick Swift   California, United States
I was ushered into this world abruptly and since then it's been a struggle for survival while trying to avoid actual work. Not an easy task, I assure you.

P.S. Things are just fine. Relax and enjoy the ride. Unless you are on fire, then you got permission to panic.

Also just in case anyone reads, I dig the crazy yarns Jack Vance weaves.

Might as well add this here too in case you're interested in being a better you.

Oh yeah watch this

Watch BB so you can watch BCS even betterer.

Not last...


Another developer ruined by success.

The worst regret we can have in life is carrying the pain of past experiences with us instead of learning from them and moving on to new adventures in this beautiful place we're in... for now. Live and prosper.

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The City Coastline
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I'm part volcano... the other parts are for you to find out ;)
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The title evokes the memory of the primordial entity that watches over us all and why some would find this comforting and others rather disturbing. How much in control are we of our own lives and how much is this feeling of helplessness that washes over us from time to time has its foundation in existential angst, deterministic nihilism, bad indigestion, a mixture or something all together different?

To me it seems that the game attached to the title tries to bring to us that same type of despair, that we are pretty much adrift on a raft at the mercy of the pull of the fates... and the threads they weave are so very fragile and finicky. And these gods, voyeurs that they are, set it all up just to watch us fail and fail again.

At least we get infinite replays this time around as we provide amusement to these supposedly omnipotent jerks with nothing better to do than mess with the variables that control the chords of our lifelines. In that regard the game is a true triumph.

This game is unfair, but then again, nothing beats life at this game.
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I can't bear to part with my loot. Do not add me for any trades, my inner child will just die a little bit more and thus the world will come that much closer to the brink of destruction.

Just don't do it.
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Admire each second of your life and all the days, just like today. No day can be lived twice, so appreciate what you have and take time to thank the people close to you for all their care. Enjoy this day.Happy Sunday!
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