CheeTah   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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I script.
I game.
I mess with operating systems.
Linux has become a favorite, even topping windows.
Gaming is my life.
Chatting is my favorite thing to do.
I maintain and work on source based game servers.
I am a high tier moderator on servers and forums.
My friends are my everything.
I own websites and I create source(mod)pawn plugins.
Steam is my primary messenger and I know its interface like the back of my hand.
I mod and flash android operating systems.
Googles chrome sucks dick and I miss Firefox.
I will always help a friend in need. Always.

We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.
Expect Us.

"ill suck your dick until you cum just to prove you're a faggot"

IF friendship is magic, THEN bronies are respectable;
ASSUME magic does not exist;
Friendship does exist;
THEREFORE friendship IS NOT magic;
THEREFORE bronies are NOT respectable.

Currently Online
Just another dumb cat.
>>> I DO NOT TRADE. <<<

>> Telegram is where you can contact me
>> at ANY time under the name Furchee.

Full Name : Anthony W. O.
Age : 27
Gender : Male
Species : :spaceCrystalKey: Cheetah :spaceCrystalKey: [furchee.com]
What I like : ART, Music, Furries, Games, Chatting :)

What I want you to know :
I like furry art. Care to bitch ? Bring it the fuck on.
I start my mornings with a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch.
Coca cola is my drink of choice. Red bull is a close second.
I spend most of my time browsing various furry artwork.
I play games. A lot, lot of games. Did I mention I played games ?
I enjoy chatting with good friends. It's something I'll always enjoy doing.
I'm really good around electronics like computer systems and 'droids.
My favorite game is Portal 2. (Close seconds are MW2 & Burnout - Revenge)

If you want to treat me with something, let it be A-R-T . I cannot express that enough.

-DO NOT ask me to roleplay. Especially If I haven't spoken to you for longer than five god damn minutes. ( This includes *hugs*, *whimpers*, *mews* or some other similar horse shit. )
-Call me Furchee and nothing else. Please.
-If you have a pony (MLP) as your avatar or part of your name, there is a high chance I'll dislike you.
No seriously, fuck off with that shit.
-I'm more concerned about making other people happy than being happy myself.
-Sometimes google helps you more than I can.
-I HATE people that lie and act stupid when they know they fucked up.
-Music moves me in a way NO ONE else can.
-If you've ever had the thought "Oh there is nothing funny about <blank>." then know that I hate you to your core.
-I FUCKING LOVE cheese cake.
-I've grown to find snakes much more interesting.
-"Intergalactic" is for some reason such an interesting and intriguing word to me.
-Lying consistently to me pisses me off. You have no idea just how much.
-I fear I might have some form of polyamory.
-If you one day find me living in a cardboard box,
it's because I bought too much art. :)

You...You gonna break my heart
You gonna tear it apart
No matter what you do
I'll still be there for you.
And when you call my name
I wont be far away
No matter where you go
You'll never be alone.
I try to understand myself ... and sometimes ... I wish I could.
It's okay though, I understand everyone else.
That's all that matters.
You say that sometimes you're afraid of the beast in you.
Well ... I'm not.
Truth be told ... I kinda like it.
"I'm here to try and make people happy.
It's what I love to do. It's what I've always loved to do.
The problem is, you can't make everyone happy. You can't do it.
If you make some people laugh other people are gonna get offended.
And if you happen to be on that end that's offended and you're mad about that ...
well you know what ?
Not everything is about you.
And if you want to tell me that you'll be happy when I'm dead ... then ... fine !
Because if I can make half of the people happy when I'm alive
and the other half happy when I'm dead then I WIN ." -2Gryphon

__Interesting Links__
I'm a Super Admin @ FaceWAN [Facewan.com]
ALL of the music I listen to is located here: Spotify LINK [open.spotify.com]
Golden Flash Video [www.furaffinity.net]
My F-List [Kinks] (Because friends pestered me to make one) [www.f-list.net]
My Favorite Song
Best GIF to exist [zmmapperz.net]
VancouFur 2015 (First Con!) [y2u.be]
My FurAffinity Profile [furaffinity.net]
Surfing At It's Finest
CsGo At It's Finest
CsGo At It's Finest x2

My Website [www.furchee.com]


You will be missed, sir Elliot.
You will be missed, sir Vladimir.
You will be missed, sir Jure Uremović [www.legacy.com].
You will be missed, sir Rick Crone.
You will be missed, sir Faithry.
You will be missed, sir Buddy.
You will be missed, sir Niko & ms Simba.
You will be missed, sir Nemo [scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net]. (aprox 9:35am, March 17th 2017)
At the end of the day all of you live on, if not in person, surely in memory. You are an inspiration.
I am glad I met / knew you and I thank you for everything you have given to this world.
Rest in peace.
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