Predrag   Serbia
There was a legend about the guy who never missed with AWP..
There was a legend about guy who couldn't been killed..
There was a legend about guy who is defying the world and sowed fear throughout the world... That guy was a mystery for thousands of years...
Now when the legend became true, and that guy is now the world has known under the name p3k0, you have no chance to survive...
Obey him, or get ready for hell waiting for you!

"Mess with the best, die like rest."

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Honestly, you can't even spell in english, don't even try to sound cool.
XDLSD Apr 5 @ 4:39am 
-rep most retarded player ive ever seen without any gamesense. IQ prolly 10
✪ JackGus ツ Mar 18 @ 11:59am 
- rep, wood rank no mic no eyes no brains
★Salaxi Jan 11 @ 2:55pm 
- pathetic player with no mic and no skill probably bough acc :)
Rumcajs Jan 9 @ 5:25am 
- rep noob
✪Master Jan 8 @ 5:49am 
kos omk