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I must admit that I'm not really a master of competitive gaming, though I really enjoy playing them. Rocket League is a fun game, but it is brutally hard to master. With almost 100 hours into it, I still suck at it so much that it's a pain to watch me playing sometimes, even for myself. It enrages, it breaks my keyboard and mouse. BUT, it also gives you great cheers and satisfaction when you get something right (in the first 40-50 hours, that cheer is finally hitting the ball...). OK, I just play it for fun, I don't make much effort to be better at it by completing the different levels of tutorials over and over again. If you do that, you can advance your skills a lot quicker, I guess. The community is harsh, gently speaking, they are not really forgiving and oftentimes very rude, hail to the golden mute button :D The only disadvantage is that you also mute tactical conversations (who defends, who goes for the ball, etc.) if you mute your chat. Anyway, it is a great game, I think everyone should give it a try and decide themselves if it's for them, or not. Oh, and you don't need to like soccer to enjoy this game. I don't ;)
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Bill's been giving his girl some special training. Doesn't neccesarily explain where the fancy suit came from, but it certainly justifies the new level of expertise everyone's favourite girl has achieved.

Strong indepedant woman! Don the Suit of Curves
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Created by - Lt. Rocky
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[English] This guide was created for those interested in getting all the achievements in the game Skyrim. There are no difficult achievement to get, just a few achievements that require some DLCs (Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Hearthfire) and effort to make the n
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Sent a friend request as I am new to the DeathTrap game and am following your highly descriptive videos, and also am just a fan of content! Thanks so much for all your work!
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Itt járt egy Sztív!
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