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• You can buy the following items even when I am offline.
• Click "Buy Now" and a bot will add you to trade (or send you a trade offer) immediately: - Backpack Expanders

• If you want to trade something else and I'm not online, just click below and send me a Trading Offer.
• Adding me to your friend list isn't required.

TF2Outpost traders:
• Make sure you've read and fully understood my notes before adding me.
• Please do not add me for offers, that's what the comment section on the site is for.
• I clean my friendlist regularly, feel free to add me back if you need anything.

Trader's Guild users:
• I'm available as a middleman when I'm not busy, just give me a shout if you need my service.
• Let me know if there's a problem in the chatroom/forum so I can deal with it.
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MandyLina Nov 12 @ 11:43am 
I need middleman service, please, as I didn't know how to send messages to non friends. Thank you :)
chebbi Oct 25 @ 10:48pm 
coot good boi ++rep
chebbi Sep 23 @ 4:06am 
added to give olibs
AforNson Aug 14 @ 7:46pm 
Added to buy ur glitched circult board
[FR]firetirex(nightkiller) Jul 21 @ 7:16am 
did you stop tf2
chebbi Jul 5 @ 10:21pm 
who took this bottom? >:(((((((((