Novanious   United States
Noelle Renee Lilly | She/her | Trans Girl/AMAB/Lesbian | 25 years old
My showcase is my favorite video game girlies :)
I also go by Noellevanious

You probably knew me as Rajikaru or Novanious

TF2 Competitive experience:

UGC Season 6 - Steel HL - Sniper (The Clutchables)
UGC Season 7 - Steel HL - Pyro (Clutch Capability)
UGC Season 8 - Steel HL - Scout (Saxton's Bane)
UGC Season 9 - ~~~~~~~~~~N/A~~~~~~~~~~~
UGC Season 10 - Steel HL - Engineer (The Turnips / The Haven)
UGC Season 11 - Silver HL - Heavy (WOAH)
UGC Season 12 - Silver HL - Heavy (WWIATM)
UGC Season 13 - Silver HL - Heavy (♚)
UGC Season 14 - Gold HL - Heavy (MAXlander / LDS)
UGC Season 15 - Plat HL - Heavy (=IFA=) (previously Gold/Silver HL - Heavy (BU$EY/riperinos))

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THis game is poopy sh*t

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ceawse Oct 1 @ 1:35am 
*blinks with large doe eyes* y-you think i'm a skilled gamer??? :3c this is the best day of my life
ceawse Oct 1 @ 1:23am 
omg fellow girlie !! :D
Fürdieur Jul 30 @ 2:20pm 
i hate when GIRLS die
veryscaryguy666 Mar 23 @ 11:01pm 
These lands hold a vast lifetime of secrets.
veryscaryguy666 Mar 23 @ 11:01pm 
veryscaryguy666 Jan 22 @ 10:02pm 
hooh..... lookin kinda dusty in here. kinda barren yknow. could do with some redecorating. somethin to liven up the place a little yknow? cause its lookin kinda dour on this here profile page. so heres my suggestion alright, just some advice. im thinkin we really go in on this here 'furry' character of yours. could get some tasteful pinup art of the guy, put it up on the walls, i think itd really bring the place together. call me some time, i think we could brainstorm some really tasteful html formatting for your bio. the ladies will love it. give me a call some time.