The Furry Pound TFP
The Furry Pound TFP
July 25, 2008
ABOUT The Furry Pound

The Furry Pound!

Looking for all the biggest stars on the TF2 field? Well, ya ain't gonna find them here!

This is the Furry Pound: We're a rag-tag, rough-and-tumble community of miscreants, bandits and rascals all out for a great time. We're open to all kinds of players in all skill ranges from mild to master, and casual to clanner.

The group itself is invite-only and any member can invite, just contact one! However, you need not have an interest in Furries or an affiliation with any group to play on our public servers, join our chat or forums, but we do humbly request that you follow the rules!

WARNING: This is a rowdy and raucous group that sometimes goes beyond the M rating of the game. Expect mature material to make an appearance as we prefer not to ban adult content.

Here is the short list of rules. Not following them can be hazardous to your membership!

-Refrain from Douchitude.
-Don't cheat.
-Don't troll or harass other players.
-Don't spec to force autobalance.
-Don't Spawncamp (details on when and where are on our forum in the Server Rules section)
-No grossly inappropriate sprays (beastiality, gore, etc)

The chat is restricted to PG-13 content.
-Mature links are allowed, but should be tagged with a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag.
-Refrain from spaming(3+ line in a row, etc).

Do not reinvite people that have been removed from the group.

That said, have fun!

~~~Administrators and Moderators~~~

A detailed list of the Admins and Moderator staff of TFP can either be found by clicking the link in the Steam Group Links section, or by selecting any of the online administrators from the group Officers at the bottom of the page. We encourage anyone to contact us regarding any issues and comments you might have!

------- Team Fortress 2 -------
* TFP #4; US (EST/GMT -5: Stock Maps only)

* TFP #5; US (EST/GMT -5: Custom Maps)

* TFP #6; US (EST/GMT -5: Fast Rotation, Stock & Pro Maps)

----- Minecraft (SERVER IS 1.7.10 CURRENTLY!)-----
For the IP, visit ! You can then join the server, read the rules, then apply for Build Rights on the website as well!

---Killing Floor 2---
TFP #1 - KF2 - Normal
TFP #2 - KF2 - Hard - Versus

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The TF2 source code leak
Remember, folks: 4chan posts, unaffiliated Twitter accounts, random online forums, "I heard from my friend who knows a guy", the unsubstantiated word of cheating tool developers, and screencaps of posts from random Discord servers are not trustworthy sources of information.

Playing dumb Drunk TF2 Games.
Red May 29 @ 10:47am 
Don't forget to join our discord server!
Red May 10 @ 11:29am 
Milkypupper Aug 3, 2017 @ 11:52am 
Still one of my favorite group of community servers! :steamsalty:
Sally Mander Jul 31, 2017 @ 7:11pm 
Hello all! Name's Allie! 21/F/Canada looking for a gaming/flirting partner! c;
Umbie Jul 14, 2017 @ 9:25pm 
Hi ~ Looking to Chat and make new friends :)
外人ヲタク May 31, 2017 @ 12:26am 
Hello all. ^^
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July 25, 2008