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Im not dead I swear, im just taking an extended nap.
I get an insane amount of random friend requests here and cant respond to them all, dont take offense if your F/R gets left unchecked:sad_creep:
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NeonHeight's Servers - Public Group
The original servers that started the trade_minecraft_neon map! We run micspam-allowing trade servers to hang out in, 24/7.
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Gave out like 70+ secret saxtons then came online to this the next day
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I am the owner and head administrator over at NeonHeight's Servers, we mainly run TF2 servers. The servers are all HLDJ enabled, meaning you can broadcast music over the mic system through programs such as Virtual Audio Cable, HLDJ and WinAmp. If you've ever played on our servers feel free to join our Steam group for announcements on map and server updates. If you are trying to figure out how to become a donator please do not ask me, all the questions can be answered on our website. I am a mapper for TF2 in my spare time and I have created a number of widely used and popular maps since I started.

I am the creator of the popular minecraft trade map "trade_minecraft_neon" as well as every other version of the map that has been created. I cannot control who uses my map on other servers and as a result anyone can use the map. If you ever want to play on my map, but don't want to play on my servers specifically, you can search for the map in the server finding window of TF2. There are dozens of other servers that run it. If you are a server owner looking to use my map on your servers you do not need my permission, all I ask is that you give me a bit of credit for creating the map in the first place and do not edit out the "Made by NeonHeights" decals on the map (assuming you know how to do that in the first place). Maybe even leave a comment and say that you're running my map too, its always good to know people enjoy my work :)
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Roudydogg1 Aug 29 @ 10:57pm 
change your profile pic, that 'nana is so 2016
8:17 PM - Doctor Demon™: hey rouds
8:23 PM - Doctor Demon™: i got laid today!

+rep to that
-rep touched me pp sexaul harassment in the workplace
Harper Jul 28 @ 3:55am 
Hey Neon, Don't know if you remember me, but it Goldy. Been a long time and good to see the servers are still kicking. Glad to see it. Take it easy.
Goro Majima Jul 27 @ 6:32pm 
thank god you are alive