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June 20, 2011
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SteamREP[] is operated by the non-profit 501(c)(3) charity that assists in preventing Steam trading scams through education & awareness.

SteamRep is run entirely by volunteers, and is not affiliated with Steam or Valve Software.

Please use the links on the right to check a profile on our site, report a scammer, or appeal a ban.

Report a Scammer[]
Appeal a Judgement[]
New Notable Affiliate program for public figures
What this gets you:
  • Eligibility for a public note on your SteamRep profile, indicating who you are, with a link to your stream or online persona.
  • Warning dialog about impersonators[] upon request, if deemed necessary by SteamRep staff.
  • Access to a private section of SteamRep forums, with a banner on your forum profile indicating your status.
  • Invitation to a private Discord with other public figures, site admins from SteamRep-affiliated communities, and SteamRep staff.
  • An open line of communication with SteamRep staff to give feedback on what we do, how we operate, or to ask us questions directly.

What this doesn't get you:
  • Protection or leniency from getting marked if caught scamming.
    • You'll actually receive less benefit of doubt than a newer trader might receive.
    • As a leader people look up to, the community will scrutinize you even more.
  • "Trusted" reputation status or green tag on your SteamRep profile (only offered to partner communities).
  • Ability to issue BANNED tags on scammer profiles by yourself (only offered to partner communities).
  • Influence over decisions on individual cases where you or your friends are involved.

What are the requirements?

To apply as a Notable Affiliate, you must have a clean reputation, and be able to demonstrate that you have a substantial following. While an exact subscriber count is not disclosed, if you are not already widely recognized, and you expect to use a Notable Affiliation to become famous, this program is not for you.

While Notable Affiliates are not necessarily traders, they are expected to follow these rules at all times:
  • No endorsing Steam/CSGO gambling sites of any kind. (read below for why)

  • Must take a public stance denouncing scams of all kinds.
  • May not participate in anything shady, whether or not it's within our investigative policy.
  • Must not use SteamRep affiliation or branding while endorsing other sites, services, or products.
  • Content on stream or profiles must be reasonably socially appropriate, and comply with the host's ToS.
    • No racism, inciting violence, hate speech, etc.
  • Must not use "verified" status as a tool for leveraging trust or deals from other traders.
  • Must not be publicly or privately abusive to SteamRep volunteers, Friend communities, or Partner communities.
    • Disagreements are fine, if they're kept respectful, and in private.
Notable Affiliates are also expected to help promote safe trading, in whatever capacity they are able, and publicly condemn fraud.

What does SteamRep have against gambling?

While recognize gambling has become a popular (or addictive) part of CS:GO that isn't going away no matter how much we or Valve wish it would, we don't want to send a mixed message about some illegitimate websites being "safe" while others are not, or to promote the idea that gambling is "safe" to a varied extent. It would be nice if we could promote a set of "best practices" for gambling safely, but between respecting Valve's stance on commercial gambling websites, our own API usage being contingent upon following their subscriber agreement, and a lack of transparency for the websites methods of determining winners as seen with many past infamous gambling partners, we cannot in good conscience recommend any gambling website - no matter how legitimate its owners claim to be. Further, with a large portion of the CS:GO playerbase being underage - both legally prohibited from gambling in most countries, and psychologically more prone to addiction - we cannot justify the risks of encouraging children to gamble. Therefore, we are standing firmly behind Valve's position that there is no such thing as a legitimate gambling website in Steam, and nobody affiliated with SteamRep should suggest otherwise.

While we cannot definitively vouch for a celebrity as "trustworthy", we are enforcing a minimal code of conduct for Notable Affiliates similar to what we expect from affiliated communities. This is in order to prevent (or minimize) a Notable Affiliate from being abused to further the cause of online gambling or fraud. We aren't going to tell you not to gamble yourself - that's your own decision, and isn't shady in itself so we won't stand in your way - but we will ask that you not encourage your viewers to use any gambling websites as a condition of affiliation. With the consistently sketchy history of those promoting such websites, we think it's for the best.

Read more:

Don't accept ANY trades or trade offers until further notice!!!
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June 20, 2011