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Special handling instructions for breakage are not printed on the packaging of household CFL bulbs in many countries. The amount of mercury released by one bulb can temporarily exceed U.S. federal guidelines for chronic exposure.[63][64] Chronic, however, implies exposure for a significant time, and it remains unclear what the health risks are from short-term exposure to low levels of elemental mercury.[64] Despite following EPA best-practice clean-up guidelines on broken CFLs, researchers were unable to remove mercury from carpet, and agitation of the carpet — such as by young children playing — created localized concentrations as high as 0.025 mg/m3 in air close to the carpet, even weeks after the initial breakage.[64]

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Ok I know we argued last night, and I'm sorry for losing my cool. But you still have to admit that there is no way Goku(namek saga pre super sayian transformation) could reasonably beat rinnegan jubi madara, theres just no way. At that point in the series madara was able to use sage style: light fang( a lightspeed attack that can cut through anything) theres no way goku could dodge it or block it, but maybe goku could beat edo tensei madara with 1 rinnegan but the second he could get his second one, goku loses to limbo clones tbh. Anyways add me back man I m sorry
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You, sir, have won one Internet for today in your acts of vanquishing the trolls that populate the Fusionfall community forums. Good day. (: