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^^ im just yur average girl gamer :woo::jeremy:

< my bofriend hehe (INJOKE!!)

Don't ask me how to get the Wiki Cap
Don't ask me how to make items []
Do admire my shiny items []
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The scariest thing about this collection is that it's already been one year since the last one!

That's right mortals... I, Merasmus, stole your precious year!! Mwahaha!!!!

What's that? Oh right, the description... hmm... Vote for these terrifying cos
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🐾CinnamonFoxxo🐾 4 hours ago 
I love your work, i'd love to have the same skill you do! ^^
Who made ur profile photo?
lunatic Sep 16 @ 8:23am 
i just checked out your halloween collection and i was amazed, you are very talented, keep up the good work and hopefully valve will add your stuff into the game
Walter Sep 14 @ 11:18am 
HI, I love the Smoking Jacket cosmetic you made and I was wondering, How did you make the jacket? I'm trying to make a scout cosmetic, but I can't figure out how to edit his shirt. Could you maybe help me? You don't have to respond, I just decided to ask you because of the amazing work you have done
SkywardDawn Sep 13 @ 8:02pm 
Would it be ok with the frontline team if I created Green and Yellow textures for some of the props?
It'd be nice to have them for tf2c mapping.
Sparcdoctor Sep 13 @ 3:35pm 
Just addin if ya want, know ya from Emporium ofc