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Hobbyist skin-maker for CS:GO, TF2, and Unturned!
8 weapon skins officially accepted for CS:GO with 23 in Unturned.
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Workshop Showcase
The Site Dioramas sticker collection commemorates some of the most popular sites in the game in sticker form. Presenting each site in a low-poly isometric view, each sticker is available in Glossy paperback , Embossed Foil , and Embossed Hol
Created by - MultiH
Hello there!
If you haven't already guessed, I make stuff for CS:GO, Unturned, and!

I've always loved weapon skins ever since I unlocked Blue Tiger camo back in Call of Duty 4. From then on I learned many tools to start making weapon skins of my own, which has culminated in the list of accepted in-game items below.

Check out my workshop here!

I also have an Instagram [] and a Twitter !

List of ACCEPTED in-game items:

:csgoglobe: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgoglobe:

- SSG 08 | Mainframe 001

- M249 | Warbird

- Tec-9 | Flash Out

- Glock-18 | Sacrifice

- AUG | Momentum

- UMP-45 | Momentum

- SG 553 | Danger Close

- UMP-45 | Labyrinth

- SAS Chicken sticker (contributor)

:turned: Unturned :turned:

- Assault Division Zubeknakov _____________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Doorkicker Bluntforce ___________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Stabilized Colt _________________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Zone Defender Grizzly __________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Digital Dynasty Nightraider

- Imperial Might Sledgehammer

- Hammerstrike Commando Zubeknakov

- The 87th Heartbreaker __________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Bucket-wheel Excavator Chainsaw

- Killcount Dragonfang

- Sector Strike Empire

- Cutter Scalar

- Captured Maschinengewehr

- Swordfish-X7 Jackhammer

- Lunar Cargo Yuri

- Killcount Peacemaker

Thanks for stopping by! :dreadnought:

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Kamoz Sep 2 @ 8:52pm 
i added you becasue i really like your workshop art
Warp(relapsed) Aug 24 @ 4:48pm 
It's ok! thank you
MultiH Aug 24 @ 4:44pm 
Then I'm sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by merging .tga/.obj using Blender specifically.
Warp(relapsed) Aug 24 @ 3:55pm 
That guide is very generalized and does not apply to csgo .obj/.tga merging. When following that guide all weapons sheets display black in the uv editor where you re align anything. Also he is using eevee where as csgo obj tga uses cycles.
MultiH Aug 24 @ 3:15pm 
If I'm understanding your issue right, I think you would want to do something like this:
Warp(relapsed) Aug 24 @ 3:12pm 
added for a question regarding how to merge .tga file with .obj file in the new blender 2.8 before porting vanilla model into substance painter to work on? if you know or know anyone who might please comment back.