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Hobbyist skin-maker for CS:GO, TF2, and Unturned!
3 weapon skins officially accepted for CS:GO with 19 in Unturned.
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The Site Dioramas sticker collection commemorates some of the most popular sites in the game in sticker form. Presenting each site in a low-poly isometric view, each sticker is available in Glossy paperback , Embossed Foil , and Embossed Hol
Hello there!
If you haven't already guessed, I make stuff for CS:GO, TF2, and Unturned!

I've always loved weapon skins/camos/patterns/whatever-you-wanna-call-them ever since I unlocked Blue Tiger camo back in Call of Duty 4. From then on I learned many tools to start making weapon skins of my own, which has culminated in the list of accepted in-game items below.

Check out my workshop here!

List of ACCEPTED in-game items:

:csgoglobe: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive :csgoglobe:

- AUG | Momentum

- UMP-45 | Momentum

- SG 553 | Danger Close

- UMP-45 | Labyrinth

- SAS Chicken sticker (contributor)

:turned: Unturned :turned:

- Assault Division Zubeknakov ______________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Doorkicker Bluntforce ___________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Stabilized Colt _________________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Zone Defender Grizzly __________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Digital Dynasty Nightraider

- Imperial Might Sledgehammer

- Hammerstrike Commando Zubeknakov

- The 87th Heartbreaker __________________________________________________ Buy it here!

- Bucket-wheel Excavator Chainsaw

- Killcount Dragonfang

- Sector Strike Empire

- Cutter Scalar

- Captured Maschinengewehr

- Swordfish-X7 Jackhammer

- Lunar Cargo Yuri

- Killcount Peacemaker

Thanks for stopping by! :dreadnought:

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