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I'm amazed by how polished this game is. It takes the classic idea of a rage inducing 2d platformer and fleshes it out to a full game with perfect controls, beautiful visuals, very entertaining dialogue that never seems to run out, alongside other elements I didn't expect but love like puzzle-focused levels and lore. Haven't even finished it yet but I fully love it. This is everything games of this specific type should strive to be.
Posted August 17, 2023.
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Early Access Review
Posted August 8, 2022.
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The ending for this game is the worst ending to any piece of media I have ever seen. I am honestly impressed, but it's still terrible.
Posted June 2, 2022.
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This game is a great compilation of the first two games and Deluxe.

I've played the original games for years and some difficult romhacks of smb2, so I would consider myself a serious player of the series. With that in mind, there are minor changes to the physics, but it still plays and feels like a classic monkey ball game, and is just as fun as one. The spirit of the game is not lost at all, and I've been addicted to it.

The music and graphics aren't anything special. Some say they lack in comparison to the original, I find them to not really affect the game in any negative way, it's just average. The party games have their pros and cons compared to the original, I've been having fun with friends on them regardless. There are also special modes that add a few level variation packs to the game, which are a very welcome addition but still I think 20+ new levels would've been even better.
Posted October 9, 2021.
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I love the idea of Rocksmith so much. It's an easy way to play songs on guitar, and a fun way too. But over my years and time with it it has frustrated me more than any other game I played has.

First off, the game gives wrong impressions about guitar. I won't claim there's better ways to learn guitar, but as a starting point it builds bad habits fast. For example, posture is something the game doesn't teach in depth, and when I got lessons later in life I found out the way I held the guitar was really bad for both my fretting hand and picking hand. That's one example, and I can think of other negative influences it can have on playing. The game gives you positive feedback for hitting the right pitches, which is fair since it'd be hard to judge your playing any other way. But it means that a lot of techniques are easier avoided than attempted. Muting may be in the game, yet you'll be more likely to hit the note without muting if your playing isn't clean enough. And if you were to try to do it anyway to improve your playing, there is still not enough to go off of to know if you're doing it proper. Rocksmith needs to go more in depth, not just a practice track to learn each technique. Instead do something that really explains and shows exactly how your hands should look and how it should sound.

I don't say that because it would make the game better, but because it is what the game claims to be: the fastest way to learn guitar. Obviously it's just a way to market the game, however I think it will hinder a lot of beginners if they don't also learn alongside a teacher or other source for help. Outside of songs the game doesn't teach much at all. They have guitarcade, and missions to guide you what to do next. Like session mode, which will show you scales to mess around in. The problem with all of it is I feel it doesn't really help you understand how it fits in with creating music, it mostly just tries to tell you what to do.

My biggest problem though is all the issues running the game. On xbox it was fine, but as far as PC goes I've played across two computers and a gaming laptop and it has had huge problems on all 3. Lots of crashing mainly. Rocksmith needs full control of my audio too, once I played it I can't go into voice calls without restarting. And it lowers my normal microphone input to 17% every time I play for no reason. Plus now that I have a 2nd monitor it no longer will work fullscreen mode, no matter the resolution or which monitor is set as the primary one. I have no idea how this game is so broken, the times I have needed external help to fix an issue is too many.

At the end of the day I like playing Rocksmith an awful lot, though I think that's just because I like playing guitar. Besides the songs I think what the game offers is subpar, and the songs are creations by other artists. If you know how to play guitar or are getting help with it, then this game is excellent to play in your free time (besides the bugginess), but Rocksmith itself isn't much more than a form of tabs to play to, all the other features are underdeveloped.
Posted May 12, 2021.
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First off I am very happy to see this game come out. Sliding block puzzle games aren't anything new but I feel this game adds enough to make it unique and worth the time to play it. When something like paired blocks or teleporters are introduced it's clear there's a lot of potential for difficult puzzles. This game takes advantage of it's own gimmicks well, it doesn't feel like any of them overstayed it's welcome or wasn't used enough. I didn't know what to expect with any level really.

Around world 3 is where the puzzles started to get decently tough in my opinion. Most of the time my experience was just sitting back and thinking about exactly what problem I had to get past. And during those moments I found the game to be most enjoyable, especially when I ran into another problem with a creative solution right after. Then there's a few levels where there's so much going on you can't really think about it, rather you just have to play around until you get somewhere. Those levels aren't the best, they show up every now and then. But the majority of levels are the clever type, the level design is really great and the strong point of the game.

Every world has a boss level where part of the objective changes and sometimes the focus is on doing things quickly. They feel like proper ends to each world, and the difficulty curve is done most well with these levels.

The game isn't super long, I'd say it'll take anywhere between 5-12 hours, maybe 15 if going for 100%. The whole time I had fun with it, mostly because I never felt frustrated. The music didn't get tiring, and I didn't feel like resetting in any level was a huge setback. It's a classic style puzzle game, and it does that well. If you like that then you'll have fun with this game.
Posted April 2, 2020.
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