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AP Art History Sep 10 @ 11:44am 
Whats voidstorm ?
Froggy Jul 27 @ 12:02am 
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Ling Jul 20 @ 4:58am 
ggs. Welcome to TTT I hope you like the game I see your stats are new. <3
Femboy with a Henry rifle Jul 15 @ 7:21pm 
ggs. Welcome to the bayou I hope you like the game I see your stats are new. <3
why do people think im related to basewars at all
KITT Jun 29 @ 3:53pm 
You are a certified DarkRP Builder God. | COLOUR TOOL | STACKER TOOL | FADING DOOR TOOL | ADVANCED KEYPAD TOOL | Builder God - "Precision tool? My mind is precise enough." Expert toolgun/physgun manipulation, speed, steady hand, architectural ingeniuisity. Quad cornerstores of DarkRP Builder God. When I am in your base I am safe. Impenetrable Fort Knox base, chastity belts on the money printers. Short rp_downtown economy from within steel upon steel phx shopfront colour tool one way wall safe haven. When I am in your base I feel powerful. Shootwindow gallery, mowing down would-be burglars, solicitors. SSS /// BUILDING IS ALL POWER | Props hold hard against all | I am NOT SCARED OF POLICE / SWAT / THIEF / GANGSTER / HITMAN because I Base with BUILDER GODS and BUILDER GODS only.