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I make mods for some games. They're usually pretty good.
If you play Fallout 4, check out my uploads on Nexus [].
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[h1]Updated for 1.10! All new formable nations are included.[/h1]
Adds custom game options that let you start the game with any formable nations added in the DLCs since Death or Dishonor (Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Rattanakosin Kingdom, etc.). All
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Created by - manlethamlet
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This mod adds an alt-history-ish version of Spain under José Antonio Primo de Rivera, inspired pretty much by Hearts of Iron IV: La Résistance. Requires BNW.

[h1]Spain - José Antonio Primo de Rivera[/h1] UA: Arriba España
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Created by - manlethamlet
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PillBox20 Mar 23 @ 10:26am 
+1 Reputation. Very helpful and a good modder. :german:
Kyoto28 Feb 19 @ 10:35am 
Hey I’m thinking of becoming a modded for HOI4. My idea is an amogus mod called “when the third reich is sus” pls respond
Kyoto28 Feb 19 @ 9:59am 
Hey I’m thinking of becoming a modded for HOI4. My idea is for a pogman x bogdanoff mod called “pogdanoff” pls respond
pfcole Feb 17 @ 2:21pm 
Thank you foe being a modder sir... much appreciated:steamhappy:
DankWizard420 Feb 14 @ 8:54pm 
hey im making a runescape mod for hoi4 wondering if we could merge with your mod so i can add the music
Neb Aug 1, 2020 @ 2:53am 
I was thinking about making a Gilan independant Nation in Iran, (replying to your comment on my profile)