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I make mods for some games. They're usually pretty good. #Manlet2020
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Adds custom game options that let you start the game with most of the formable nations added in the DLCs since Death or Dishonor (Roman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Rattanakosin Kingdom, etc.). All of the formable nations added in DLCs require them - so if
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Created by - manlethamlet

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GenbUsami May 9 @ 1:32pm 
Got it to work thank you very much.
manlethamlet May 9 @ 1:12pm 
The descriptor, and also the "(modname).mod" file in the Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod folder
GenbUsami May 9 @ 12:52pm 
Thank you.
Just to clarify the .mod file is the descriptor.
manlethamlet May 9 @ 12:28pm 
I assume this is for HOI4? Name the picture "thumbnail.png", put it in the mod's folder, and in both of that mod's .mod files, add the line: picture="thumbnail.png" - When you upload it to the workshop the picture will be there.
GenbUsami May 9 @ 12:22pm 
Hey sorry to bother you but I have a question about your mod.
How to I put the main icon for a mod when it is on the steam workshop.
I can't seem to find anyway to add one.
Pardaillan Apr 24 @ 4:18am 
and which dlc should i choose ?