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buy my new super exclusive carbon fibre limited edition 4k Google scope prototypes integrated with a micro 1080ti chip

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whoa whats with the sudden hostility
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017
11:19 PM - Dinosaurl3: makage
11:19 PM - Makage: yeee
11:19 PM - Dinosaurl3: i miss the old makage, straight dark rp makage
11:19 PM - Dinosaurl3: i hate the new makagae, the bad mood makage, the straight rude makage
11:19 PM - Dinosaurl3: :flames:
11:19 PM - Makage: trash
11:20 PM - Dinosaurl3: what the
11:20 PM - Dinosaurl3: oh yeah brb getting the strap
11:20 PM - Makage: oh fuk
11:20 PM - Dinosaurl3: im sorry god for what im about to yabadaba do

9:36 PM - Not Makage: uh
9:36 PM - Not Makage: did u get the regular civ 5 or the complete edition
9:36 PM - Empty: um
9:40 PM - Empty: The complete edition obviously
9:40 PM - Not Makage: so uh
9:41 PM - Not Makage: didnt just buy it now
9:41 PM - Empty: nope

9:59 PM - Empty: WAIt
10:00 PM - Empty: 20 Hours
10:00 PM - Empty: kidding
10:00 PM - Empty: 7 minuts
10:00 PM - Not Makage: ok ill be waiting 20 hours for you
10:00 PM - Empty: kk'
10:01 PM - Empty: I'll message you back when it's downloaded, until then, watch the mongolian moon landing on the radio
10:02 PM - Not Makage: what mongolian moon landing
10:03 PM - Empty: Oh
10:03 PM - Empty: sorry
10:03 PM - Empty: I didn't know
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Please read my information box below before you do anything else.
It includes general information and people who I think are some pretty cool dudes.

About me & my account:
I speak English.
I'm commonly known as Wyvern or Makage
I'm 6 years old, and my birthday is on November 16th.

Games I have installed currently (those highlighted are games I actually want to play):
- Garry's Mod
- Warframe
- Arma 3
- Day of Infamy
- Overwatch
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
- Counter Strike: Source
- H1Z1: King of the Kill
- Half Life 2
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
- Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2
- Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
- Rocket League
- Blackwake
- Rust
- Sid Meier's Civilization 5
- Mount & Blade: Warband
- Team Fortress 2
- Terraria
- Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
- Tower Unite
- Trove

I've been on Steam for 5 years.
A level 20+ steam account.
131 games across my main and alternate account.
Over 5000+ hours on record across main and alternate accounts.
Account is worth $1800+ USD (without sales).

If I don't like you, I will block and remove you. Scroll down for my comrades.

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Muskrai, just Muskrai Aug 8 @ 9:31am 
Not Makage Aug 8 @ 8:29am 
idunno it might be on a doc
Muskrai, just Muskrai Aug 7 @ 9:01pm 
oh shit that edgy backstory i made is still one of your copy pastas?

Muskrai, just Muskrai Jul 22 @ 3:58pm 
Not Makage Jul 22 @ 3:07pm 
no one wants to play dark souls with you
Muskrai, just Muskrai Jul 18 @ 12:37pm 
wyverrrnnnnn greg didn't want to play dark souls with meeeeeeeeeee