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Dice Roll the Game.

Cruel, unforgiving, unfair, repetative.

You have no control over anything, you can only pray that God of Random will be on your side. Also overcomplicated with tons of skills, classes, perks, buffs, items and 100 other numbers (that change every dungeon run).

4 on 4 battles implies strategy over the positioning of your heroes, but game loves to shuffle your chars around to completely screw you, while I didn't notice that the enemies are affected by it – "rangers" don't suffer any penalties for being put in front, for example. And placing your tank in front is doing nothing, 'cause enemies atack random spaces.

And it madddens me that 99 times out of 100 you'll be atacked, while resting. Seriously – ♥♥♥♥ this.

Gorgeous art though.
Posted November 13. Last edited November 13.
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Not exactly the thing I was expecting. For some reason I thought it'd be a cynical adventure in the vein of Harvey, but it's kinda straightforward story about sweet little girl and an evil witch.

The game, IMHO, lacks interesting, colorful characters, the main heroine is pretty dull, her companion bear is even duller. They are so innocent, yuck! Ok, bear-boy can be that way, but Ana, who lived all her life in the farm, isolated from the world, probably never seeing or speeking to anybody, except for her grandpa, comes as a "normal" girl, who doesn't struggle with conversations or express any wonder about the world around her. Yes, maybe it's the trauma she got – to be calm and borring in every situation. Oh, and she talks so-o-o-o slo-o-o-owly, I kept skipping her lines. The other characters tend to do it too.

I liked the Dungeon and the flashback parts the best. The dungeon is a dark place with pretty funny troll workforce and lovable red-tape hell parody. The flashback is just a cozy place, but we play as another character, the character much more initiative and smart (you can even cal this character a smartass). When you make Ana do something cunning or shady it comes out of character. Not with this one! Plus it's always cool to see how the things came to be.

Puzzles overall are your standart adventure quality, sound and logical if you have an experience with adventure games and can think more broadly about some items and stretch your suspension of disbelief. This applies only to the 1st part, though, it's the most dodgy, later the game becomes more grounded. The little thing I didn't like is that you have to make some notes, there are two sections when you need to remember sequences. What else? Were there timed puzzles? I can't remember. The game is pretty long, as you can see, I needed 12 hours to beat it. There are at least three dialogue based puzzles, so yay for variety.

The story didn't enthrall me – I didn't get the feeling that there's something at stake, the game strangely shifts its focus from the dying grandpa to the royal wedding and in the end we left with the vague resolution? (I kinda dozed off in the end and missed the grandpa's ok [blink and you miss it moment])

Why do I recomend it still? I liked puzzles, the artstyle is pleasant, the music... can't say anything bad about it and it may seem strange, but I really like the names of the characters (like Jorinde and Joringel) and the overall atmosphere of the german fairy tale. It's pretty harmless and makes an impression of a small loved project. An ok game, but not for the full price.
Posted July 31. Last edited August 1.
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Отдельное, неимеющее отношение к сюжетной линии Half-Life 2, приключение Гордона Фримена.

Изобретательный дизайн, красивое световое оформление. Пара багов. В принципе, профессиональный уровень – время (не больше часа) потратите не зря.

Мое прохождение: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvU5bckzGWE
Posted April 17.
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Half Life 2 would have been proud to have such great levels as these. Guys behind them tottaly understand game design, it's really well crafted and very satisfying to play. Did I say it also looks great? I didn't? Well, it also looks great!
Posted March 1.
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A 3 hour joke with a punchline you know.

Great production value and it pretends to be a "game" quite well and it's probably why it maddens me that there's no. No matter what you do there's only one ending, all your choices and input doesn't matter (ok, except for one minor difference) and there's like one particular interesting interaction, but it's one note thing, very dissapointing, like when you think that the game finally bloomed – that's all folks! You know this game "Hack 'n' Slash"? Wouldn't it be cool to see something in this vein?

I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoyed the ride, but the 1st two hours of the set-up is too darn long and borring. During them I started to doubt that this is the right game I installed. But, thank god, sНiТ started to happen.

In conclusion: it's free, it's made well, you lose only a few hours of your life, so nothing to shed tears about.
Posted January 2.
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One of the best games ever created, not aging classic easy to pick up. Can be consumed in small portions, can be a pool, in which all your time has sank into.

Install "Quakespasm" to insure its compitability with modern systems and get a punch noone could have even dreamed in 1996.

Also, don't forget Quake Injector for a quick and easy access to a HUGE amounts of custom levels. And download TrenchBroom to make some of your own.

Did I mentione multiplayer? Yeah, it was a big deal back then. It's still somewhat of a living thing, but singleplayer is plain masterpiece. Level design is pure genius. It's the game that will be remembered for ages.

P.S. Modern Quake releases has its music ripped out, like it's some sort of stripped pirate version... it's a heinous move for any melomane and a crime against game history preservation, but you can mange throw it. I'm usually listening to something else, while playing, but still... it's just disgusting.
Posted September 6, 2017. Last edited September 6, 2017.
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To be honest, I'm impressed with this. It's a very ambitious project for the small team they used to be. And it seems to me that they poured more attention in here, than in the 1st season of Sam & Max. It's funny to see how they will re-use some models from this in the later titles.

Characters are charming, dialogues are long and branchy, puzzles, comparing to the 1st episode, took a step up.

I can't even say that visuals are bad: cartoony style holds up ok and animations are above average.

I liked the experience.

So why's the negative review? They ditched the game and ended series after this, so you can't finish the story. Grab it only for curiosity's sake and only if you spend your dough nonchalantly.
Posted July 30, 2017.
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Let's get this straight: it's a terrible gamification of Reservoir Dogs, but as a standalone arcade it's... ok. If you like to pump the score up, it's up your alley. Levels to my liking are too long and there are too many of them. Yes. too many. Quantity over quality: they are too much alike and provide similiar experience.

I'd prefered much more enclosed enviroments without inner stages. Maybe randomly generated arenas and endless mode. And score table is like a must have, but there's none (yet?).

The rewind feature actually reminds me more of programming robots. You program the 1st, you program the 2nd, you watch s**t smeared all over the room. You must take to account not only the constant of your guys, but also the variable of boys in blue. Hence short calculated moves.

It's not a game you were waiting for, it's not a game you immediately pick up on release. But as a time killer, the one you play half asleep, it's good.

The presentation is rock solid, nice music, no bugs.
Posted June 4, 2017.
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It's like XCOM 2012, but cooler. Attention to little details make some situations unforgetable – randomly generated levels with tonns of management brew unique experience each minute. Handling of X-COM project depicted very fine-grained, the only thing you aren't in charge is cleaning. The diverse gameplay never gets stale. Highly addicting.
Posted February 23, 2017.
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Quick harmless fun. Listen to monologue, push a button, listen to monologue, push a button. Nice visuals.

Don't go to forum, nothing but useless gags there. Yes, the game is a joke, there's no game. The pie is in the sky.
Posted November 1, 2016.
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