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Without the external influence of gravity being oppositional to our own internal will, we cannot be tripped, and will not fall.
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:pinkheart::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly: Welcome to my world of dreams and eternal wandering :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::pinkheart:

I'm into RPGs, Open world sandbox games, and the occasional miscellaneous. I'm generally open to new experiences, but I find it difficult to really enjoy much these days. I quickly grow bored and move on. Space, sci-fi, low-mid fantasy, psychological, horror, and super-natural are my notable genres or interest.

I will not likely play a game that does not have some sort of character focus. If i cannot feel like i'm existing in the game world in a tangible form, then it's a hard pass.
Character creation and customization are also a very vital interest point. While it is not a deal breaker if a game does not have it, i tend to gravitate towards those that do.
I cannot play games that force you to play as a male character. It is not immersive to me, and i lose all interest in the game world as I cannot feel like i'm in it.

Above all else, I love RPGs and Open world sandbox games, particularly ones with user-creation content such as survival games or otherwise creative games. My most fulfilling experience comes from exploration and discovery, and I do not look things up early on, or follow guides as I despise spoilers with a passion. These things ruin my experience, and result in me becoming bored with the activity sooner than later.

Though I am mostly a solo player, I take ecstatic fulfillment in playing co-op/multi games with a select few constructive minded individuals. I like to take my time with things, exploring, evaluating, and delving into whatever interesting mechanics and lore I can find, and likewise enjoy playing with others who are capable of immersing themselves the same. If you are one to rush through things, cheat, tell me what to do or where to go, whine and complain about how stupid this or that is, or are straight up a toxic ass-hat, we will not be playing together. (Mature discussion about short-comings is fine). Ultimately, give me a reason to enjoy playing with you, over just playing it alone.

There are specific games and times where I will only play with very specific people, as I feel that sometimes certain people just bring some specific magical thing to the table in different environments, and those seem to be the best co-op games I've ever played. During these times, the people I am playing with are the priority over all else. I will not engage in lengthy discussion or watch youtube videos from someone outside of whom I'm playing with. I expect this to be respected, and will quickly deviate from transgressors who make this priority a problem.

Short and sweet: Chances are High I will decline friendship invites.

Long and dirty:
I have been a very hard time liking people in general. They can often be very selfish and undisciplined, and full of toxicity. Brought up in a toxic society where self-empowerment makes them feel somehow significant, or to condemn others on a blind whim. I know there are exceptions to this, but those gaps seem so few and far between, and I do not have the energy or will to wade through the poison. Unless you have a very compelling reason to add me, which you will post in my comments section, you will be declined the moment I see it. Those compelling reasons include 1) You do not care and are just looking for someone who has similar game interests to play with and talk about games only, having absolutely no desire for small talk, or two, by some ungodly miracle you do care and actually have some god forsaken desire for me personally to be a part of your life.

If however you become toxic to me in even a very slight way, I will remove you immediately and dismiss you from my life for good. No exceptions.

I am transgender. MtF transgender, but have lived only virtually for nearly all my life, and have only been female in that time. I am male "IRL", and I hate everything about my physical self, along with the lack of any irl support for my emotional and physical needs my entire life. That being said, do not add me if you're hoping to get it on with an irl woman. You'll just be disappointed and wasting both our time.

To my perceptions, IRL does not exist. It is a fable, and I grow weary of hearing about it from other people. Do not talk to me about your day, your job, your neighbors, politics, or anything that has nothing to do with me, as I am not part of it, and never will be. Unless you have a cool drop to show me, a screenshot of beautiful scenery, or to talk about something that's happening in a game you're playing, keep it to yourself or share it with people who actually matter to you.

If it's not obvious by now, I am a very frustrated and pained individual. It's all I know these days, so if i come off as repulsive and hateful, then It's just the way the world has taught me to be. If you're constructive, positive, and are a generally happy person, then I would not do anything to take that away from you, or to compromise it. it's a cherishable and nominal feature in a world of hell, and you are an example of what that world severely needs.
I am a morally positive aligned individual, but I feel like that's unwanted in the world.

*Grace and Amicability are a desirable phenomena.
*Been in this world for 35 years, which is 35 years too long.
*Unwanted transgender invalid.
*Tired of Life.
*Lonely Beyond Words.

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terrible_topher Aug 13 @ 9:09am 
Very much honored by your friendship, thank you!

Sashimi Chan Mar 16 @ 5:41pm 
Luminaire Mar 12 @ 12:48pm 
First time I've ever done such a thing. I must be enjoying the game. Or the demonslayer set.
Sashimi Chan Mar 10 @ 4:33pm 
Meep! ^-^