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The Music of this game is amazing, this is probably one of the best soundtracks in a Tetris Clone or even a Hentai game. I bought the soundtrack and I've been personally listening to it when am working or just chilling.

The Animation is decent but I am not interested in Porn so i can't really review this properly

The Story is plain and it doesn't have a lot of of sense. I found myself mashing the space bar just to get to the actual game.

The gameplay is horrific, the Hold mechanic works sometimes but it normally doesn't. As a Tetris speedrunner/competitive player this is one of the worst clones I've ever played. You can't adjust the shadow colour, the fall-down mechanic makes NO sense and the controls are wacky as ♥♥♥♥.

I bought this game initially just because of a joke but i decided to play it due to me wanting to play a PC Tetris Clone (I've only played Web or Mobile clones). The game is decent but I wouldn't get it because of the plot or gameplay. I would just get it because the music and if you just want a cheap Tetris Clone.

Final Thoughts: The game is decent, the music is amazing but I don't find myself playing this over T99 or even Tetris (Gameboy). As a gag this game works but as an actual game it doesn't. If you just want to waste your money for a simple joke, go for it. If you want to get an actual Tetris game just get PPT or just even play the online official Tetris game.

I would give this game a 7/10 rating, mostly because of the music and voice acting. The Gameplay is trash, The animation/art is decent and the Plot is unnecessary.
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