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hey there

some info about me
- I'm scottish.
- I perform shenanigans in coding stuff - currently learning game dev and game modding.
- Main programming languages are Java, Lua, PHP, Javascript, C#, Python, and a few others.
- Mainly do stuff on gmodstore [] - you should buy my stuff.
- You can hire me to make stuff for you assuming the project isn't massive. Just drop a DM.
- I can also do Discord Bots.
- STEAM_0:1:80376292 / 76561198121018313

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computer flex area
- CPU: Intel i7-9700k @ 3.60 GHz / Boost 4.60 GHz
- RAM: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz
- Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
- Keyboard: Ajazz AK33 RGB (cheap chinese thing idk)

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Kerbal Space Program
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PlanetPaper is a project I took on in an attempt to allow for people to have cinematic-like shots of planets on their desktop. This wallpaper contains all 8 planets of the Solar System in stunningly amazing visuals.

Credits for planet textures: https://
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I made a review on this game when I had first played it, but now having completed it I want to redo my review and write a essay and a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ half because I hate myself apparently.

Half Life Alyx is a absolute masterpiece. Set between the events of Half Life and Half Life 2, it really sells that kind of Time Frame to the player, and while a lot of people are complaining it's in VR, I personally think that Valve did right on that. The game seriously benefits from having VR, and gave me the sense I was actually there. When I was being shot at I actually ducked down, and shouted in fear (granted at the expense of my neighbours hating me now). When I was walking about the Zen Infestations, I genuinely felt disgusted. This is just an experience you can't make with a generic non-vr fps, and it makes the game worth every penny. The grenades were kinda glitchy, sometimes flying off the completely opposite direction of where you intend them to go, however Underarm seemed to work fine most of the time. The graphics were absolutely amazing. It is by FAR the best looking VR game I've ever played. Even on Low Fidelity it looks stunning and extremely realistic. I cannot wait for Source 2 to be public, and to see the kind of stuff people will come up with in such a powerful graphics environment.

Stability wise, I wish I could say better but sadly I can't. SteamVR crashed about 20 times when I was playing this game, every time with an unspecific "SteamVR has encountered a critical error" message with 0 information. I had 3 crashes in a row at one point from trying to load my save to continue on from a crash. It was ridiculous. On top of that, I had my Left Hand disappear quite a lot during battles. I could fix this by reloading an earlier save, but it was very annoying, as it made me unable to reload my weapon or anything. And don't be mistaken, it was still being registered. It would appear fine in the pause menus/SteamVR home, just in game was it gone and non interactable. The game needs some serious stability upgrades to make it comparable to other games like this.

Overall, this game is worth every penny you spend on it. I would go as far to say you should buy a VR headset, JUST for this game. While it is quite unstable, when it wasn't it was amazing to play, and I do sincerely wish Valve makes more games like this in the future. Good job guys! :)

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