Look at this cutie ^^
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Slight Miscalculation | Art by RedDragon
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It's Me!
A sergal. Also a dragon.
Sometimes a robotic ball of fluff and a fox, too.
I love good company and being nice throughout. Feel free to add me! :p2cube:
I'm also a bit of a Linux noob, but love it so far. I use Arch btw

Whenever I play Counter-Strike: Source, Global Offensive or Garry's Mod, it most likely means the gamemode is skill surf. I consider myself somewhat speedy, although not really that good, but it's fun and really easy to return to. It doesn't help how the area I can use my mouse in is possibly the worst aspect of my setup, but I suppose I have Super Slav abilities that enable me to use that.
Also, I wanted to map, but Hammer broke twice, so I gave up for now.

Favourite tracks
Lobster - Homeworld
Voyage - Paradise
HOME - Tropical
Imagined Herbal Flows - Floating
Chrome Sparks - Star Step
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Portal OST - Self Esteem Fund
HOME - Resonance
Fredrik Nyblom - Katt []
SWØRN - Keep Going
...and many more I forgot

Favorite Group
Furries in Depression - Public Group
For the sad fur in you.
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My Saves
GTA III 100% [] (Open Limit Adjuster required)
GTA: VC 100% [] (Open Limit Adjuster required)
GTA: SA 100% []
GTA IV 100% []
GTA IV 100% (old) []
GTA: TLAD 100% []
GTA: TBoGT 100% + all gold []
GTA V 100% []
GTA V 100%+, not final [] (alt) []

Primagen, Protogen, Zenith's Outer Reach Links
Since, for some reason, the species creator has disabled their FurAffinity account and taken the official site down, I compiled every link I found useful if you want to know more about the species or join the official communities.

Website of species creator Cool Koinu (Malice-Risu) []
Official PrimaProto website [] (archived) []
The complete guide of Primagens & Protogens []
Protogen Guide Update []
Protogen trait list []
Steam group
Discord server []
Facebook group []
Other links []

Browser settings break Steam Inventory and Community Market
Add an extension such as Smart Referrer [] and set an option to something in the lines of "send landing URL as referrer", if available. Alternatively, you could add * and * to whitelist. Additionally, make sure that the browser sends the referrer on all requests in settings. This fix only applies if you modified your browser settings or used extensions to enhance privacy.

Cannot join game group chats
Follow the game first. Following actually adds you to the "Official Group" of the game (, an abandoned Steam feature. If you are not a member, you cannot join the chat.
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Garry's Mod! --w-wait...

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hehe, thank you ^^
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Very nice page you have.
ᚨ𐤊ᛉ Apr 10 @ 5:18am 
Idea: We need a Steam asistant, something cute and useful like Bonzi Buddy or Clippy. It could also bring you tips during gameplay and check on your mental health. And because of the health aspect it should not be possible to turn it off. Maybe get some wholesome voice actor for it, like Gilbert Gottfried.
Vloda Apr 9 @ 9:55am 
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