merp :lev:
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Slight Miscalculation
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It's Me!
Feel free to add me! :cyanheart:
I love good company and being nice throughout. However, please understand that I don't use Discord.

What you set in Mature Content Filtering is what you get.

Please be aware of that before visiting screenshots, artwork and other content on my profile. Anything that's blurred is blurred for a reason.

Fan of custom Source gamemodes, especially surf.
Rank Adept on KSF.

Stuck playing the same games. Quite limiting at times.
"I don't like sucking at things." — Cryptiss
Synthwave enjoyer. A little DnB is nice, too.
Catastrophically lazy beyond repair, and depressed.
Linux user. I use Artix btw :signix:

Interested in IT, especially high level stuff.
Dreaming of game development, especially mapping and coding.
Very wishful to become an artist, someday.

Game blacklist
Mostly recent games. Bold: no chance

Epic Games (post-Tencent)
• Multiplayer over Epic Online Services (EOS)
:pirate: Epic exclusives (no account)
:pirate: EA (may delete account)
:pirate: Microsoft (no account)
:pirate: Ubisoft (no account)
:pirate: Activision
Blizzard (newer titles)
Rated borked on
• DRM (Steam is okay)
Most F2P games
Invasive anti-cheat (EAC, BattlEye,...)
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My Saves
GTA III 100%* []
GTA: VC 100%* []
GTA: SA 100% []
GTA: LCS 100%** []
GTA: VCS 100%** []
GTA IV 100% []
GTA IV 100% (old) []
GTA: TLAD 100% []
GTA: TBoGT 100% + all gold []
GTA V 100% []
GTA V 100%+, not final []

*Requires Open Limit Adjuster
**PS2 US save

Disable the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ word filter
Under Community Content Preferences, add this to Never filter these words:

Cannot join game group chats
Follow the game first. Following actually adds you to the Official Group of the game, which is now the Community Hub. If you are not a member, you cannot join the chat.

Steam "God Mode"
Steam Support contains many features to help solve your issue as well as many other pages you may find useful. In particular, Data Related to Your Steam Account (under Steam Support > My Account) links to a large selection of pages.

WTF is error X? has a documented list of error codes with descriptive names and known causes.

Selection/mouse click freezes on Linux client
Press shift once. It should unfreeze and be usable as normal.

For more Steam tips, check out the Steam Tips and Tricks guide.
It is easier to manage and allows for more details.

Game Tips
Surfing is just air strafing. Here's why
Quake engine has ground and air acceleration, the main difference being the absence of friction specific to air movement. Strafing explanation, explanation as a blog post []
Touching steep surfaces (ex. surf ramps) is defined as air movement, hence the speed, and the player sticks to a ramp simply by moving towards it.
Air acceleration, among other things, works per-tick, which is why the tickrate has a great impact.

Relevant Quake code:
SV_Accelerate(), SV_AirAccelerate(), and PM_CatagorizePosition() in pmove.c []

Various games (Linux/Proton) - key under escape not opening console
Method 1:
Configure your desktop environment or window manager to switch layouts on the fly. Along with your preferred layout, include US, and switch to it when you need to open the console.

Method 2:
Add this to your profile, .xinitrc or other preferred script:
setxkbmap -layout us,<layout> -option grp:alt_caps_toggle
— replacing <layout> with the desired layout. US must be the first in the list, layouts are toggled with Alt+Caps Lock ( more combinations []). With this applied, console can be opened with either layout applied.

Source engine - creating and enabling sprays
Head on over to where you will find my instance of Mishcatt/VTF-Editor along with additional help.

Source engine (Linux) - half sensitivity, windowed mode upon switching
Add this to the start of your launch options (omit %command% if already present or the game is launched directly):
LD_PRELOAD="/usr/\$LIB/$LD_PRELOAD" %command%

Grand Theft Auto V - remove loading screen ads
Note: This works only for Story Mode and requires OpenIV.

For each revision of update.rpf (preferably as a copy within \mods), delete this file:
update > update.rpf > x64 > data > cdimages > scaleform_frontend.rpf > gtav_online.gfx

Here's a tip :lgdSweat:
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Market Transactions
Donations are welcome :CyanHeart:

Interested In
• Trading Cards
• Special quality TF2 weapons
• Themed items
 ◦ Furry (esp. TF2 cosmetics, Steam emoticons)
 ◦ Cheese (merp!)
 ◦ Eggplant, "milk" :WhiteWolfInterset:
 ◦ Linux, possibly other FOSS
• Currencies
 ◦ TF2 Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
 ◦ TF2 Refined/Reclaimed/Scrap Metal
 ◦ Steam Gems

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last played on Sep 29
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I tried to clean up my friends list today; if I accidentally removed you, or you want me to add you back, feel free to send me a friend request! :cyanheart:
RyutyQueen Sep 25 @ 3:32pm 
Hey, I deleted the comments but im up to chat in steam ^^
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* grabs you :>
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Why pick up soap when you can pick up a fox (and cuddle it :3)?