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Welcome guys to my profile!
About me

Hello guys, I'm Lenoax, a guy 3D Modeler | Composer | Mapper that work and make things for the Workshop because is fun. I'm from Argentina, a place that we talk spanish, and I'm not a good english talker because I just know the besic things about that.

I'm not a very recognized person, nor do I think I am, I just want to make people enjoy what I do.

-Favorite Game: Half-Life 1.
-Favorite Saga: Half-Life.
-Favorite Movie: Robocop (1987)
-Favorite Character: Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)
-Favorite Band: Daft Punk.


I make models for people and free, because they are things that I really want to do, and I want to share with the people inside the Workshop, but I'm not the type of person that give free models to all the guys that want a specific model, I don't agree with people taking advantage of your kindness, so because that I charge them for the models that they want in specific.

So well, if you want a model, these are the prices:

-Existing Ragdoll to P.M.:
-Model from other game (P.M.):
-Model from other game (Ragdoll):
-Model from other game (P.M. and Ragdoll):
-Existing model with mixed parts of different games (P.M.):
-Existing model with mixed parts of different games (Ragdoll):
-Existing model with mixed parts of different games (P.M. and Ragdoll):
-Existing model with Parts made from scratch (P.M.):
$45-$80 [Depending on the order]
-Existing model with Parts made from scratch (Ragdoll):
$50-$70 [Depending on the order]
-Existing model with Parts made from scratch (P.M. and Ragdoll):
$60-$90 [Depending on the order]
-Model made from scratch (P.M.):
-Model made from scratch (Ragdoll):
-Model made from scratch (P.M. and Ragdoll):

If you really want a NSFW model, you'll get it, but let me warn you that you'll have to pay double the price for it. I dont work with that kind of stuff.

My Pages:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lenoax
Deviantart: http://lenoax.deviantart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lenoax
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/enoax
Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/lenoax
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelenoax/
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"Perhaps what I am is not as important as what I can... offer you in exchange for coming all this way." -G-man This model is from "Half-Life: Alyx". I ripped this one after the Metropolice because I had problems with it and exporting it, now that I know ho
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matte6538 May 22 @ 7:19am 
hi can you port the solis deimos jackal model from rainbow six siege
MateoAlej17 May 3 @ 3:10pm 
Steven Ambatakum Apr 26 @ 7:44pm 
You are talented as hell my boy
Wealthypopcorner Apr 20 @ 10:29am 
Can you upload a Solis Playermodel for GMod?
arsolidsnake Mar 31 @ 3:18pm 
arsolidsnake Mar 30 @ 5:51pm 
Can you do a Gordon Freeman Redux but a Colorable Player model?