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I've enabled ASF 2FA with STM rule :tradingcard:only for my normal trading cards:tradingcard: so 1:1 same set trade with me would be easier. It'll be accepted automatically (only when I'm online) as long as you follow the rules below.

Let's say from a set of 5 cards (say ABCDE), I have A A B. Here's what you can and can't do:
1. You can send your B for my A (Neutral) because my set progress is intact
2. You can send your C/D/E for my A (Good) because it increases my set progress
3. You can't send me your A for my B (Bad) because it decreases my set progress

If you send me trade no. 3 depicted above, I'll decline it. Any other trades will be reviewed manually:kskh:
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YANYAN!GO May 16 @ 6:24pm 
Hi, I want to trade with you, can I add a friend:yetuhappy:
HootHoot May 5 @ 6:42pm 
Yep, their comment is gone minutes after I posted what's happened. Unfriended with no remorse, not even an apology. So much of an attitude, shame. :lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo::lolo:

I don't block them either, so to @Str3 if you think I'm in the wrong here, feel free to comment, I'll be right here.
HootHoot May 5 @ 6:18pm 
Understanding the situation, I offered 4 of my games for those 2 gifts after checking current price at GGD and inventory.gift in that particular day (Apr 30), they said they would think about it. I asked if I could text them the next day to follow up on the offer, and they said yes.

So there I was at Apr 1, just 23 hours and 28 minutes after my last message the day before, text them to follow up our offer. You guessed it: they didn't respond
Texted him again the next day, they didn't respond
Texted him again at Apr 4, they didn't respond
And finally, texted him again at Apr 6, they didn't respond and I got unfriended

Now obviously I can't post this at SteamTrades because our trade had never happened, so I put it here for people to read and see how unpleasant a trade (or rather a chat) would be with this particular human being.

HootHoot May 5 @ 6:18pm 
But no, I had to wait 8 days (I did send them 4 messages in that time frame; one at Apr 22, one at Apr 24, and two at Apr 30) for him to respond with another "shoot me an offer"

That's right
10 days
First response at Apr 22
Second response at Apr 30
2 identical responses with a different phrasing, despite being online multiple times in a day

I snapped, saying that it's okay if they're not interested but at least be sensible and said "not interested" if you're not that interested into trading your items and I also said that the trade (or rather the chat) could've been done at Apr 20
Then guy apologized for being unresponsive, saying that they didn't know the price of their gifts and would rather taking offers instead of offering them i.e. if the offer is good, they might accept it
HootHoot May 5 @ 6:18pm 
Do not attempt to trade, or even talk to https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198044012471 because they will waste your damn time.

TL;DR version: Unresponsive trader, no proper communication skills on their end leading up to 16 days of wasted time.

Here's what happened
I was interested in two of their gifts, offered a blank trade (I sent 1 gem) with notes asking if the particular gifts were for sale or not.
Then, as you can see, they added me at April 20 (might be gone by the time guy read this one so their comment in my profile was "added for steamgifts"
I accepted the invite, thinking that he had a price in mind. but then he didn't respond until 2 days and their response was "taking offers on them"
5 hours after that response, I offered them my list of games, all in form of keys. They could've just pick any keys they fancy then talk through it with me, or said "I'm not interested"
starboy Apr 15 @ 2:20pm 
added for trade (Bold New World set)